Fall 2017

The Digital and the Analog (MCC-GE 3150 Special Topics in Technology Studies) -- Digital devices permeate contemporary life. But what exactly does the digital mean? Are all computers digital? What about other media like photography or film? Is rationality itself digital? Is philosophy? We begin the seminar by developing specific definitions of the analog and the digital using sources from philosophy, media theory, and aesthetics. With these definitions in hand, we turn to contemporary digital media theory. Sections of the course are devoted to analogicity, digitality, the logical, the illogical, the absurd, cybernetics, digital computers, digital audio and compression. Readings are drawn from the work of Simone Browne, Gilles Deleuze, Elizabeth Grosz, Katherine Hayles, Jonathan Sterne, and others.

Marxism and Culture (MCC-UE 1402.001) -- The purpose of this course is to read a number of key works from western Marxism and to understand the various political and philosophical debates with which they engage. The course emphasizes Marxism as a scholarly methodology for critique, applicable across disciplines. Particular attention is given to the so-called cultural turn in twentieth-century Marxist thought, including Marx's influence on feminism, identity, and theories of representation. Themes include: the commodity, alienation and reification, surplus value, ideology, consumerism, subjectivity, and post-Fordism.

Some Previous Courses:
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Media Archaeology

Reading Notes

Here are some of the reading notes and diagrams I've made over the years. Hopefully they will be helpful to others with similar interests. Caution, as they tend to be rather idiosyncratic and synoptic. Don't hesitate to email me if you notice any errors or have suggestions for improving these materials.

Martin Heidegger
Reading notes for Being and Time
Glossary of terms
A being that questions Being (diagram)
Historicity of Being (diagram)

Gilles Deleuze
Reading notes for Francis Bacon: The Logic of Sensation, plus some supplemental images of Bacon paintings
Reading notes for The Logic of Sense
Reading notes for Cinema 1
Reading notes for Cinema 2

Gilles Deleuze & Félix Guattari
Ontological structure of the Body Without Organs (diagram)
Structure of Being (diagram)
Tetravalence of the assemblage (diagram)

François Laruelle
Cloning (diagram)
Unilateral duality (diagram)

Bernard Stiegler
Glossary of terms