Alexander R. Galloway is a writer and computer programmer working on issues in philosophy, technology, and theories of mediation. Professor of Media, Culture, and Communication at New York University, he is author of several books on digital media and critical theory, including Uncomputable (Verso, 2021) and The Interface Effect (Polity, 2012). His collaboration with Eugene Thacker and McKenzie Wark, Excommunication: Three Inquiries in Media and Mediation, was published by the University of Chicago Press. With Jason E. Smith, Galloway co-translated the Tiqqun book Introduction to Civil War (Semiotext[e], 2010). For several years he has worked with RSG on Carnivore, Kriegspiel and other software projects.

Galloway is recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, the Berlin Prize, and the Prix Ars Electronica. Galloway's writings have been translated into a dozen languages. The New York Times has described his practice as "conceptually sharp, visually compelling and completely attuned to the political moment."

A member of the NYU faculty since 2002, Galloway has also been a visiting professor at the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard University, a member at the Institute for Advanced Study, and a fellow in the Cinepoetics group at the Freie Universität (Berlin).

Ph.D., The Literature Program, Duke University, 2001
B.A., Modern Culture and Media, Brown University, 1996

Scholarly interests include: critical theory, digital media, continental philosophy, semiotics, aesthetics, networks, software, media art, games, and film.

Affiliated faculty member of the NYU Department of Comparative Literature