Recent Articles

Golden Age of AnalogWhy in the digital age have some of our best thinkers turned toward characteristically analog themes? Also available in Chinese.

The Gender of MathMath has a gender issue...but how and why? On the problem of essential bias in mathematics, algorithms, and digital media.

The Origin of GeometryWhat is a point? Here we address point as unity, puncture, and mark (or in the Greek tradition monas, stigme, and semeion).

Compression in Philosophy (co-authored with Jason LaRiviere)On the difference between "abstract" compression and "generic" compression in philosophy.

A Questionnaire on MaterialismsPart of a collection of responses published in October magazine on the status of materialism today.

History Is What HurtsWritten for a special issue on the work of Fredric Jameson.

MathificationOn mathematics and digital philosophy in the work of Alain Badiou. (See also 21 Paragraphs on Badiou.)

TangledA book review of Network Aesthetics by Patrick Jagoda.

Jodi's InfrastructureOn the work "IDN" by Jodi. Also available in Spanish.

The Poverty of PhilosophyOn speculative realism and object-oriented philosophy. Also available in Chinese.

Laruelle, Anti-CapitalistOn Laruelle, Marx, Althusser, and what it would mean to have a universe devoid of exchange.

Recent Interviews

My interview with McKenzie Wark, published in boundary 2 online, covering current work, the influence of Donna Haraway, the state of contemporary theory, and many other topics.

The Digital in the Humanities, a dialogue with Melissa Dinsman published in the Los Angeles Review of Books.

A dialogue between me and David Berry in Theory, Culture, and Society on networks, Deleuze, Latour, digital humanities, love, the non-human, Laruelle, and other topics.