Defining the Digital

Listen to my conversation with Patrick Jagoda on the Critical Inquiry podcast.

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Here are some recent posts that might provide a bit of context...

Patrick mentioned my post on the anti-computer, a concept that, admittedly, isn't yet well defined, but could be paired with some previous notes on the definition of computation. Overall I'm thinking a great deal at the moment about the anti-computer as well as the non-computer, loosely following the distinction already made between anti-philosophy and non-philosophy.

I've written a bit about Debord AI, which is also touched on briefly in the interview.

The notion that Badiou is a digital philosopher has also been the topic of several recent posts.

And last but not least, I invite you to read my review of Jagoda's book Network Aesthetics, where the roles are reversed and I get to explore the intricacies of Jagoda's work.