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Do you wanna date my avatar?

In 1995, Annabelle Chong was promised $12,500 for having sex with 80 men for a film. She was never paid.

“The act itself took place between me and these guys, who were doing it for free. Why should I get paid for it then?” she said on being asked why she didn’t pursue it.

“The reason why everybody was pressuring me to… get the lawyer, get the money, fight for it, was because in this society, people tend to see things in terms of money,” she said. “It’s not really my money, because I don’t want it. I’d rather starve.”

I will not comment on if I beat Annabelle Chong’s 80 in the virtual world of IMVU, at least not until my conclusion post later tonight, but I sure did beat her in the diversity of my experience.

I have been a fairy in a magic land:

A prehistoric man fighting animals with fire:

A stray cat:

A nurse in a kinky hospital:

A female stripper who was paid in virtual money:

An African American ‘BBW’:

And even a Na’vi – one of those blue natives of Pandora in the movie Avatar:

And many many other things.

For now, I am still awaiting responses for some Criagslist posts and will write conclusion post later tonight.

I leave you with this very imaginative music video about virtual romance:

YouTube Preview Image


Do you wanna date my Avatar

Hang with me in my MMO
So many places we can go
You’ll never see my actual face
I’m craving to emote with you
So many animations I can do
Be anything you want me to be
Come on, come on, share a potion with me

Do you wanna date my Avatar
She’s a star
And she’s hotter than reality by far
Wanna date my Avatar?

You can type commands
I’ve got slots for what I hold in my hands
Don’t care what’s in your character bank
How ’bout, How ’bout a little tank and spank

Grab your mouse and stroke the keys
Here in cyberspace there’s no disease
Pick a time, send a tell to me
Just pay, just pay a small subscription fee

Hang with me in my MMO
So many places we can go
I’m better than a real world quest
You’ll touch, my plus 5 to dexterity vest

What role do you wanna play
I’m just a click away night or day
And if you think I’m not the one
Log off, Log off and we’ll be done