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Networking Knowledge: Sharing is Caring

We are reaching the end of our journey(s) and now we want to extract our experience in a constructive way. You have worked to tag your posts and we can already reflect on the topic trends in the tag-cloud and through the (often somewhat obscure) “Possibly Relevant Posts” feature. In these coming two weeks we will all work together to make sure this knowledge travels even further beyond the doors of this class. For those of you who are fishing for a better grade, this is your bonus round, so leadership and good work on this class assignment will be appreciated and rewarded.

Wikipedia, here we come!

This one is a group assignment. And by group I mean the whole class. At this stage there is much we learned that others can benefit from. While Wikipedia has been a great reference for us now is the time to give back. During the next two weeks you guys will become devoted contributors to Wikipedia, basing your contributions on the knowledge you have gathered in this class through the reading we did, the travelogues you conducted and the discussions around them. Some Wikipedia pages that should expect to hear from us (just suggestions, you are welcomed to come up with other ideas):

  • Topics we discussed through readings: trust, community, CBPP, open source, social software, network theory, interface, fun, representation/simulation, control, remix culture, game theory, copyright laws, biomedia…
  • Topics we discussed in class: video mash-ups, Twitter, digital identity, Ushahidi, corporate responsibility, e-waste, transparency, iTunes store, Kotex…
  • The author pages for the individuals we’ve been reading in class this semester
  • What does “New Media” or “Digital Media” stand for anyway?
  • Some new pages that are not there yet.
  • You name it…

To get started:

  • Sign up to Wikipedia (if you haven’t yet)
  • Send me your username so I can start following your changes (I intend to combine them into an RSS feed, maybe Leslie can help me)
  • Learn the MediaWiki syntax (if you don’t already know it)
  • To start a new page simply write its name after the wikipedia.org/wiki/_______ and then, when it says the page does not exist yet, edit it to bring it to life.
  • Make sure to link between the pages using this syntax [[Page_Name]] or link to external links using [http://www.somesite.com the text you want to be linked]
  • When saving, write what was the content of your change, so others can easily track it
  • Use the talk pages to coordinate when it makes sense.
  • Use the class blog to mobilize others to help you edit specific articles or to consult  and share tips
  • Track changes through the new sidebar on the blog or through RSS feeds.
  • Enjoy…

Some Tips:

  • Feel free to link to currently non-existing pages like that: [[Eyewriter]] if you think it makes sense for someone (maybe even you, but not necessarily you) to write them, and then for someone else to help edit it.
  • Work on pages together, start something, learn how to use the talk pages, make some subheadings that you think should be filled by someone, invite them to help you, even comment on their posts with something like: “Hey Jimena, I am working on this page concerning the way art organizations use social media and I thought you might have a lot to add to it” – that way this assignment will be a collaborative class effort that draws on what you’ve guys been doing together.
  • Check out the History pages to see what edits have been made on a page.
  • Follow the feed of changes so we can track what’s going on through the week

* I’m expecting each of you to make at least 20 edits this week, or in other words, make sure you edit so much that you stop counting.

More Topics in Digital Media

In the line of next week’s topic, I want us to also challenge my own decisions as the professor leading this class. Through this 14 week course we’ve been trying to cover many “topics in digital media” both those introduced by the weekly readings and those you brought up with your travelogues. But 14 weeks is not much and I am sure there’s only so much my limited selection can cover.

For next week, each one of you would recommend another “topic” and propose materials for it (recommended/required). Try to think about it as a “What if this was a 25 rather than a 14 weeks course?”. To make sure there are no repetitions please comment on this post with your topic as soon as you choose it. Some of the topics can be extensions going deeper into some of the things we have talked about (for example: user generated content).

So the way it would work is:

  1. Comment on this brief with the title of your proposed topic (soon before someone else grabs it)
  2. Write a post in the new “More Topics” category using this format:

Next week: Education is not what it used to be

Required Reading:

Recommended Viewing:

For Dan:

  • Read the articles and view/listen to the presentations
  • Summarize it for us in a nicely accessible post to be published by Sunday 4pm, ideally running some threads between them.
  • Be prepared to present the article and lead the discussion in class.
  • Think of questions to lead off the discussion
  • Post to del.icio.us some links that expand the discussion either about the text or about key themes in it.