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Your personal 24/7 hotline at fingertips!?

Last week it took me way too much time to turn me off on Buzz -at least for a service that I did not ask for! As many of you, I have been a little mad at Google these days and started partcicularly focus my attention on them… and lead me there.

For my new travelogue I would like to introduce you to the brand new social media tool AARDVARK!

Some of you may already be  familiar with this network tool as it has been opened to the public since october. Some of you may even be part of it actually? However for those of you who -just like me!- had never heard of it, here is the basic concept :

  1. a free service
  2. enabling users to mobilize their social network for answers to their questions
  3. questions of any kind
  4. usually the network provides a response within a few minutes

And guess what? Arrdvark has just been bought by…

Scary hum!?

A good reason enough to think it’s worth it to inquire a bit further on this new tool…

How does this service works? What is the real input offered to users an is it really valuable? What is the relavance of the answers obtained? What is at stake with this new social media tool?

To answer these questions I have decided to :

  • Sign-up and create a profile on Aardvark
  • to ask any kind of questions
  • to evaluate the answers
  • to observe users
  • to keep an eye open on the conversation going on about this new tool to discover people’s reaction to this service