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Social Networks, a tool for corporations to believebly go social?

Social Networks gather people all over the world breaking every types of boundaries. They kind of break the establishment enabling networking and interractions among people who would never have been in touch.

Consequences : corporations, as part of the civil society, are often attacked or at least asked for explanations regarding the way they run their business.

Here’s companies’ new communication challenge : being both PROFITABLE and RESPONSIBLE (CSR)

Social networks seem to offer a new approach to communication by providing more proximity and truth in the contacts they establish among people. Determined to protect and improve their image, many companies are trying to implement communication strategies using social networks to meet their goal.

For instance Danone Group has created a Facebook page to call up people around the causes they support through Danone.Communities. So far Danone has proven to be pretty successful.

But how can we measure the impact of social media on corporations’ credibility? Is it a new efficient communication tool that companies should use or a trap which puts companies at risks they are not ready to face yet?