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What Lies Ahead

[The images below refer to the recent instances of
irresponsible spreading of unverified information on
each of the following platforms. I did not initiate
or spread any of them.]

F a c e b o o k

Information content on this site includes text – status updates and wall posts, mainly. These are major rumor-mongering tools because they do not cite a source beyond themselves and their accuracy and authority can therefore not be verified. Content also includes shared links which can be evaluated to verify authenticity and accuracy. I will post incorrect information in both formats and ensure that it can be verified as incorrect.

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Trust me not! – Post 01 Travelogue 2

Trust me not

A quest for truth on the wings of lies

Half Truth
“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes,” Mark Twain said nearly a hundred years before the world wide web was developed.  From Mary Antoinette’s lesbian orgies in Versailles to Snapple’s secret ties with the KKK, throughout history, people blinded by half truths have helped spread rumors, defamation and disinformation  in good faith.
But now, with our feet dug into the digital age where information wants to be free, where facts cannot be monopolized, and where Google is a verb, it is theoretically much easier for people to verify facts. As we talk about newspapers being replaced by blogs, data being chained into perspectives, and truth becoming organic and multidimentional, a fundamental question is, do people actually verify the facts they read online?
In my virtual journey, I have decided to travel around the social-media world on the wings of lies.
Like Odysseus, I will wonder without a destination in mind.  I will use Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and any other social media I come across to spread rumours, disinformation and defamation. Each lie I post will have information that can clearly and easily be verified as incorrect.
Like Dorothy, I will have make friends in the virtual world along the way. I will talk to bloggers, youtube publishers, digg users and so on, and ask them to help me with my goal.
Like Gulliver, I will document how people behave. Based on the comments, as many as I can track on each of those lies, I will not only figure how many people did or did not verify the facts but also how they behave in either case.
I don’t know where this experiment will lead me, but I am curious. “The quest for truth,” said former US president George W Bush, “begins with lies.”
A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.
A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.