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Ideas for Travelogue 3: Kevin Smith or Portable Gaming’s Future?

Hey everyone! I have 2 ideas I’ve been contemplating for the next travelogue, and wanted to get your opinion. The first has to do with Kevin Smith and Southwest Airlines. The second, with portable gaming. More info below:

1) Kevin Smith vs. Southwest Airlines

This past weekend, film director/writer Kevin Smith was allegedly kicked off of a Southwest Airlines flight for being too heavy. Since then, there has been a heated back-and-forth between Smith and Southwest on the Internet, being carried out on Twitter, in blogs, and on various websites. Especially with Kevin’s film Cop Out hitting theaters next week, and his interest in possibly crowdsourcing his horror genre debut film Red State, I thought it would be interesting to see how this further plays out over the next few weeks. Check out this NY Magazine article for more information.

2) The future of portable gaming

Just a few days ago, Capcom, a major game developer for traditional game consoles, revealed a visually stunning version of the hit game Street Fighter IV for the iPhone that will be available in the App Store in March. This game is created to the standard that has been present on traditional portable game consoles, as opposed what has been frequently seen up until this point on cell phones (casual, low-budget games). With this introduction, I’d be interested to see how other 3rd party game companies respond over the next few weeks, and whether or not others reveal their own plans to develop full-fledged games for iPhones, rather than exclusively for Nintendo and Sony portables. Check out this article for more info about Street Fighter IV hitting the iPhone.