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Ideas for Travelogue #3

I am still somewhat confused how “current” our topics have to be for this round of travelogue. But here are some ideas that I thought I might look into for the “Live Reporting” travelogue.

1) Gilt Groupe Explosion
What a fascinating idea. Two girls from Harvard MBA decide to go ahead and make on-line sample sale site, and BAM it goes nuts generating money left and right. This ingenious combination bringing together high-fashion, competition, word of mouth, and most importantly saving money, is being heralded by media everywhere. What made Gilt Groupe such a success? What drives their business? How do they maintain what they do with all the retailers? I will be exploring into the story behind the success of Gilt Groupe, and what lies ahead when the economy improves and retailers don’t find the need to rely on places like Gilt Groupe to dump their inventory.

2) Google ISP
Well, we thought we went through the whole Google is everywhere thing. But perhaps it’s not over yet. Google has been in the news recently concerning their plan to take over the world with Google Energy and Google ISP. The energy part if interesting as well, but for the sake of our class, I found Google ISP perhaps more of interest. Yes, it is only experimental and yes, it will be severely limited. However, it will be light years faster than anything other ISPs can provide, and would anybody be willing to save some dough and get faster Internet provided by Google? Some might say no, but some might say yes. I will be exploring into the blogsphere and trying to read what the sentiments around this new Google ambition are while also trying to precisely understand the pros and cons of Google ISP.

2) What Bing+Yahoo Really Means?
This is sort of old news in a way in that Microsoft and Yahoo are going to be working together in on-line search world to fight Google (well, that’s not what they said, but what they mean in reality). But it only became approved by the Department of Justice and the European Commission last week. Now it really won’t start until end of the year according to some articles, but let’s try to get some head start on it. What does this mean for normal people like you or me? Does this change anything that we will do daily for search? Will be help us? Will this signal the demise of Google? Let’s look into this.

I am very much torn about where to go with this. If you can help me find a bit more direction on this, it would be great. Thanks!