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Can Technology replace Human Intelligence?

Initial Assumption : many new media tools such as Pandora or Feast (Alexandra’s travelogue) are based on algorithms that determine what corresponds you the most. Meaning that people rely on Artificial Intelligence to think for themselves and choose for them.

Even if Aardvark (the new social networks which helps you answering any question) is not based on any algorithm it requires you to have confidence in Technology to find for you the best answer. Are computers going to be as trustworthy as human beings Are machines going to replace human intelligence?

This is by focusing on Aardvark that I came to this question.

I signed in and started to ask questions right away but I soon found out that there were norms and that you had to work on your question for it to be, not only, answered but also asked!

I am still trying to find out how to make the most of it. Obviously, there is rules both to ask and to answer questions :

  1. small questions but with meaningful keywords
  2. the more specific your question the more accurate the person will be
  3. most of all : interact! People that are on Aarkvard are willing to share. Speak and start a conversation with people that gave you the more interesting answers proved to be worth of interest.
  4. answering questions shows your interest in sharing. However I must admit that I did not answer to question yet…

So far I have asked to random but very different questions :

  1. Where can I get a good and cheap hair cut in the Manhattan?
  2. What is Kandinsky’s theory of the triangle?

Unexpectedly, the most interesting to ask was the second! Indeed people who replied were obviously into Kandinky and were happy to share on this subject (while cheap hair salons in NYC are obviously not very exciting!). One of them even recommended specific books and send me a direct link so that I could find them on Amazon!

As much as I can be suspicious regarding that kind of tool, I have to admit that so far it’s surprisingly interesting. The more specific and unusual your question is the more interesting and useful it gets.

Are we going through a new level in the Internet’s evolution? Considering the outragous amount of geographic and social data that is now gathered and can be quickly organized in a useful way on the web we might be entering a new Internet “era”.

Actually, some specialists consider that it’s happening NOW and they call it the Synaptic Web.

According to Khris Loux, president of Echo “The Synaptic Web is a set of observations about how the Web is forming. As the speed, flexibility and complexity of connections on the Web increase exponentially, the Internet is increasingly beginning to resemble a biological analog; the human brain.”

This on-going debate seems to be pretty huge and I would be really interested in having your insight on that!