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The You in Youtube – Conclusion for Travelogue 4

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The digital afterlife: what happens in social media when we die? Part III

The last podcast of my travelogue explores how social media influence the mourning process. Two psychologists, Jennifer Boni and Arturo Peon, give insights into the experience of grief.  Is it better to maintain the profile of a deceased person, or should it be taken down? How does technology affect the construction of  personal and collective memory?

Although Facebook’s memorial profiles  can facilitate the mourning process, they can also be the source of profound dismay. Security loop holes make the system vulnerable to hoaxes, and add to the grief of the people left behind.

Grafiti-memorial in Montevideo, Uruguay (photo taken by Arturo Peon Barriga). "Sergio Silveira used to fish and teach here. Today he is no more. If you wish to use this place, do it in dignity. Daddy forever."


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