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Stalker map no more?

So, no matter where I look, I can only find archived images of the stalker map (see above).  The link that is in archived articles is gawker.com/stalker – but when I go there, it redirects to gawker.com/tag/stalker, which is just a  list of  people’s tips.

I’ve searched archives of news, the Gawker site, everywhere I can think of basically, and I can’t find the map!  This leads me to several questions, of course.  Have they taken it down?  If so, why wasn’t there any press about it at all?  If it’s somewhere and I just can’t find it, then it is really, really well hidden.  George Clooney’s very public fight with Gawker is well publicized, so maybe enough celebrities complained it was a violation of privacy and they nixed the map?  I will continue hunting…  As Mushon mentioned in his comment on my “ask a question” post, the thing about the stalker map is that when celebrities (or anyone, really) are walking down the street they COULD tweet about where they are, or play foursquare, or otherwise disclose their location – but they don’t always choose to.  If someone else reveals their location, that’s another story.