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Concluding Post – How much *TIME SPENT ON*?

I began this journey by first analyzing the beginning of both Social Networking Websites.. At first I was skeptical as to where my topic would be bring me but now I realize how much of a big part of and time is spend on these sites.

So what REALLY led to the demise of MySpace. I believe that their was no demise and that MySpace and Facebook are two entirely different entities that cannot be compared. I don’t think that they serve the same purpose. MySpace has evolved from being a simple social networking site, to an atmosphere or creative sharing. Those who actually are MySpace users are a new generation of young people. Initially, Facebook was set up as a network for college students to contact each other easier. MySpace was the networking site people would go to catch on fun. MySpace as I stated before is a social hub for music, movies, marketing.

This is where my thought for the comparing/contrasting of the layout came about. Initially, the two layouts served the same common goal. You had a few friends, you left them comments, admired their photos and read about their info and who they “friended”.  The past few years this has changed dramatically.MySpace’s login page has a lot more options. You have the ability to see who is online without joining the community, surf through celebrity pages and catch up the latest music/movies. It is now used a marketing tool. Facebook as a different perception. They do have celebrity fan pages, but there is no media attached. The login page for facebook is simple and clean, and you MUST login to see most features.

I actually joined Foursquare this week and became more active on Twitter as well as a social experiment to myself. After hearing about Foursquare in class and at work, I got the itch to join. I haven’t used it much and figure it’s interesting if you want to boast onto your friends where you are or see if they are in the same place.

This week in my research:

I decided to put myself through a social experiment. Be active on all my accounts (minus MySpace) and see how much time I spent on these sites. On my twitter I “tweeted” about 50 times a day. Mostly all on Thursday due to Iran’s 31st anniversary of the Revolution. My Facebook account I had about 60 posts a day, and Foursquare I barely used only to check in to places so my Facebook friends could see. So you can a few hours were devoted to just updating information on my pages. Was I being paid for this – NO. Did I learn anything? NO – well I did learn that my ex’s mother has a facebook … I think MY IQ dropped a bit more..

Then I thought what purpose does this serve? Do people really give a damn what I think of what I’m doing?

There are those small few who do.. but by using my page as a news central did any message get across to these people.. Remarkably yes. In the past year I have received critiques, opinions, praises in the “PHYSICAL WORLD” through sms, calls and in person of how this information, had I not provided it to them, would have left them in the dark.

But those of us who don’t use these platforms as a broadcasting central.. What are they doing on there.
This is a great link to some information based on the time spent on these sites, it states

From April 2008 to April 2009, total minutes spent on Facebook increased from 1.7 billion minutes to 13.9 billion minutes – an annual growth rate of 700 percent. MySpace comes in second with 5 billion minutes in April 2009, roughly 2 billion minutes shy of time spent in April 2008.

So how much time do you spend on your social networking site? AND what are you doing on there? January 2009 – ages 25-50 spent an average of 3.5 hrs on FB.

An interesting find for the week – when search this topic in GOOGLE and you type “TIME SPENT ON” – see what is the first choice is ….SCARY!

Schoolyard Foursquare or an Elusive Treasure Hunt? Oh, What to do?

GPS Satellite

Ten years ago, on May 1, 2000, the ability to track one’s self was revolutionized when the government had the feature Selective Availability removed from the Global Positioning System (better known as GPS). This gave normal civilians the ability to use GPS more accurately to determine their position in relation to a specific destination.

With the Internet continually becoming more ingrained in our everyday lives, the use of GPS is again being revolutionized and changed. Today, GPS is used for many different things, including determining turn by turn directions, researching the exact longitudinal and latitudinal degrees an individual is currently standing at, to play games, for government purposes, and even for marketing purposes.

There are many issues that can be discussed concerning privacy, the use of GPS, and the Internet. But, I have two specific topics in mind to consider for my next “travel destination,” both being real time location-based services/games. I am hoping for your help in determining which destination I should choose! The two destinations up for consideration are Foursquare and Geocaching.

iPhone App

The objective of Foursquare is  to give the player a new way of exploring their city by “checking in” at different locations using text messages or a device specific application. Users are then awarded points and badges for logging their destinations. I can see many issues arising with this site concerning marketers and the users’ privacy. It would be interesting to explore and research just where all of the location information stored in this game goes to, as well as the possible future implications of it.

My favorite explanation of geocaching is: modern day pirate treasure hunting. The objective is to use a handheld GPS device to hide and seek containers (with “treasure” inside) anywhere around the world. There are a handful of geocaching social networking sites where people log caches (the containers) that they’ve found and clues to those that they’ve personally hidden. I haven’t heard of any geocachers complaining about privacy issues, as it is a tight-knit community where a lot of trust is involved. But, it would be interesting to experiment with the game and see if I find any such issues. If I were to explore this topic, I’d use www.geocaching.com as my social networking site of choice, as it is the self-named “Official Global Cache Hunt Site” and the largest geocaching site.

What are your thoughts? Which GPS-related social networking site/game should I explore for the next few weeks?

Social Media as the Moneymaking Machine

You are thinking about buying a product. It could be anything. A music file from iTunes store, or a new book, or a guitar, or a computer, or even a TV. Whatever it may be you are probably going to do some research about it. What kind of music this band plays? How engaging or exciting is the author? Does the computer function fast and are its hardwares up to date? You might go to expert reviews or check out blogs. I tend to be a bit obssessive about the products that I buy doing a lot of over-research. For example, I purchased a TV few weeks ago. I went on every imaginable tech review sites and blogs to learn about the latest TV technologies and how they function, what brands are reliable and what functionalities do I need and not need. The thorough research did help me, but in the end it really came down to listening to some experiences my friends had with specific TVs. I think this may be the case for a lot of people. What your friends–or people who you know and trust–tell you can be very convincing source of opinion in infuencing what you end of purchasing.

In comes social media. I am still unsure which company or which method of social media I want to concentrate on for my next travelogue, but I am thinking along the lines of Facebook, or Foursqure. For now, I will start my journey with Facebook. Facebook is literally gigantic in its reach. If your friend that you know to be a fashionista is a fan of Paul Smith, you might be more likely to become a fan of Paul Smith and buy his clothes. It is a very insteresting concept. Or if you see a lot of comment about this new band on your friend’s wall, you might be interested to check them out. “Facebook is expected to reach $435 million in 2009 and $605 million in 2010.” Mark Zuckerberg had thought that social media is not going to be able to generate as much ad revenue as search engines or display publishers, and in the current scale of thing, he is probably right. Google made almost $20 billion in revenue, and Facebook’s $0.6 billion looks tiny in comparison. However, it is generating crazy investments from private equity firms and corporations and private investors. If it does go public, the stock prices will soar. Clearly, something is going on and people are interested in it and it could be a money making machine. I want to explore and travel into this spectrum. See how this is being done and what the prospects look like for the future.

More specifcally, where is social media marketing heading? Business speaks in numbers and dollars. In this case, you see the dollars Facebook is making, but it is more difficult to see the dollars coming out for companies using Facebook as advertising medium. How is this world going to change? How do you quantify and numerically reason and explain the marketing activities on Facebook? In other words, how do you measure the buzz and return on marketing investment?

I know we weren’t supposed to use Google, and YouTube sort of is Google. OK, I failed the challenge, but here is a thought to leave you with from two years ago on 60 Minutes (a lot has changed since then. They are making money like crazy):
YouTube Preview Image