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Reconsidering the Digital Divide

Here are some great articles and videos to satisfy your intellectual curiosity during the summer break, and expand our discussion on digital media.

Required reading/viewing (don’t worry, all short pieces):

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The digital afterlife: what happens in social media when we die? Part III

The last podcast of my travelogue explores how social media influence the mourning process. Two psychologists, Jennifer Boni and Arturo Peon, give insights into the experience of grief.  Is it better to maintain the profile of a deceased person, or should it be taken down? How does technology affect the construction of  personal and collective memory?

Although Facebook’s memorial profiles  can facilitate the mourning process, they can also be the source of profound dismay. Security loop holes make the system vulnerable to hoaxes, and add to the grief of the people left behind.

Grafiti-memorial in Montevideo, Uruguay (photo taken by Arturo Peon Barriga). "Sergio Silveira used to fish and teach here. Today he is no more. If you wish to use this place, do it in dignity. Daddy forever."


Further resources:

More on grief cycle and mourning stages.

Facebook blog: Memories of Friends Departed Endure on Facebook

Jose van Dijk, Mediated Memories in the Digital Age

The digital afterlife: what happens in social media when we die? Part II

This second podcast explores how physical death is experienced in social media. Three people, three stories; each of them reveals how complex and diverse identity has become online- even in the afterlife. What happened to the profiles of the friends they lost? What do they represent to them? Are there clashes between the digital and the physical world?

Do social media become a way of staying immortal?


Jimena, Harris, and Ryan, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me, and let me integrate them into my podcast. I appreciate it very much.
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The digital afterlife: what happens in social media when we die? Part I

As I laid out in the introduction of my travelogue, I will explore various aspects of death and social media. How is death experienced in our digital age? How does it affect the mourning process? And what new rituals emerge? But first of all, I will explain what policies exist for the digital afterlife in social media. Can family members or friends access the account of a deceased person? Should you put logins and passwords in your  will? As our lives and belongings become part of the Internet, death poses particular challenges to our legacy.

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For further information:

Post-mortem policies of social networks:

Facebook: if you’d like to report the death of a loved person, this is the contact form, for general information consult What happens (online) when we die: Facebook
Google Buzz: Accessing a deceased person’s mail
Twitter: What happens (online) when we die: Twitter
MySpace: How can you delete or access a deceased user’s profile?

Companies that can take care of your digital legacy:

About your digital assets:
FarmVille and SecondLife and how virtual estates lead to real-word headaches

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The Digital Beyond