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Danone challenging its audience on FB: PR or CSR???

I have inquired a bit further on Danone’s social activities on Facebook.

Their social media strategy mostly aimed at mobilizing people. To achieve their goal they not only designed a Facebook page (which woudn’t have been original at all) but they linked it to the “Causes” application provided by Facebook. They pionneered as Facebook was trying to implement this application for the 1st time in Europe in France and Spain.

Danone created  Pour un nouveau capitalisme – The “For a New Capitalism” application using slideshows and quizzes to teach users about “Social Business” and encouraged them to submit ideas for how capitalism can be ecological, socially transformative, and profitable. These ideas have been voted on, and the winner got to meet Nobel Peace Prize winner, Mohammed Yunus, on March 6th, in Paris!

Regarding Corporate Social Responsibility issues, credibility is THE core question. People are no longer convinced by code of conducts or plain statements. They want action. In this respect, Danone initiative is very valuable because it has reversed the roles and challenged its audience. People were giving the opportunity to create their own project

Danone + Mark Zuckerberg

But in fact, Danone responded to a competition organized by Facebook . Facebook wanted to implement the application Causes to further develop their activity in France. A good reason enough to have Mark Zuckerberg coming…

Danone met great success and gathered more than 10 000 players. The project La Voute Nubienne proposed by Antoine has won. He won this competitive game with his project for what? Meeting with M. Yunus!I assume it must have been thrilling but what the concrete benefice for the association?

Indeed, we know very little on the help provided by Danone to the project. There do not seem to have any follow up…

And a year after the ceremony to deliver the prices, Danone.communities did organize the same kind of show with their M. Yunus but they did not launch another “CSR” game…

PR or CSR ?

Social Networks, a tool for corporations to believebly go social?

Social Networks gather people all over the world breaking every types of boundaries. They kind of break the establishment enabling networking and interractions among people who would never have been in touch.

Consequences : corporations, as part of the civil society, are often attacked or at least asked for explanations regarding the way they run their business.

Here’s companies’ new communication challenge : being both PROFITABLE and RESPONSIBLE (CSR)

Social networks seem to offer a new approach to communication by providing more proximity and truth in the contacts they establish among people. Determined to protect and improve their image, many companies are trying to implement communication strategies using social networks to meet their goal.

For instance Danone Group has created a Facebook page to call up people around the causes they support through Danone.Communities. So far Danone has proven to be pretty successful.

But how can we measure the impact of social media on corporations’ credibility? Is it a new efficient communication tool that companies should use or a trap which puts companies at risks they are not ready to face yet?