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Ice Cream Spy’s Conclusion…For Now…

This certainly isn’t the conclusion for the NYC Ice Cream Spy, but just of me formally keeping the class updated on its whereabouts. I definitely intend to keep carrying out this project and seeing how far I can take it throughout the Spring and into the Summer.

I’ve moved my “How-To” section on how I made the bot/website back to the WordPress blog, as to not clutter  the Blogger site, containing the map that I am hoping NYCers will use. Sorry for all the changing up!

Here’s my post on how the promotion of Ice Cream Spy has been going over this past week: http://icecreamspy.wordpress.com/

A quick look at the stats:

  • @IceCreamSpy – Following: 413 | Followers: 82 | Listed: 6
  • 7 ice cream trucks displaying sticker (Honieh & Ryan- thank you for the wonderful idea of making stickers/talking to ice cream truck owners; it seems to be working well!)
  • 24 geotagged ice cream trucks on map (on Blogger site)

Ice cream truck displaying sticker

Travelogue Ideas… Rough.. rough.. draft.

Hi Class,

I have been struggling a bit on finding some ideas – so this post will most likely be a work in progress.

A topic that I have been curious about is the mobile donations being made for Haiti/Chile and across the world. Who, what and How are these mobile companies engaging in this type of market. Are they making a profit? How does KGB work?

My other thought was to follow up on Haiti and Chile. It seems as though these stories hit the news then Net. After a few week’s time then tend to fade away and no one follows up or cares to pay attention.

I would like to dive into the world of blogging and see who is out there still reporting.

These are preliminary thoughts. Any comments/criticisms are completely welcome.

{Online Political Movements} – Green/Tea/Obama?

This your special correspondant H, reporting to you from the Tea Party. It’s been a crazy year. We have a new president, a new style of revolution, and a Tea Party???

Have any of you heard of the term Digital Native? This term sparked my attention during my research. I have also tagged it onto our blog. So what does it mean?

Some Digital Natives are deeply affiliated with all sorts of interests that bring them together organically: Piracy groups, massively multiplayer online games, open source software development, cracking encryption, etc. Others become deeply interested in movements such as Anonymous, the RBN (Russian Business Network), or even terrorist organizations.

The three movements I have listed in my title all POSSESS people of this type. A Digital Native as an online footprint or citizenship in the internet realm as well as the physical world.

I bring this up mainly because people tend to collaborate online more, and in much larger numbers because of the anonymity that is involved. People will voice their opinions and be free.

Currently the predominate view of the Tea Party is:

Within the Tea Party, there are separate factions with separate goals. Some activists want the various parties to coalesce into a single organization, while others want to keep it a grass-roots movement with no leader. via CNN

The idea of no leadership goes back to the “Hive Mind” or collective aspect of these group. Internet technology enables this structure to exist so no formal leadership is not required.

In this case of the Iranian so called “Green” Twitter Revolution, a repressed country such as Iran, uses only these sorts of outlets to get their messages across. Iranian’s used different tactics that the Tea Party because they had to keep their identities hidden.  No formal leadership is established on the net for the Iranian activists. It is a cause that keeps them unified. The following are list of general tactics used during the June Elections in Tehran.

1. Tactic #1 – Change your time zone on twitter, and retweet all the information coming your way.

2. Tactic #2 – Change your name on FB, Twitter, A study by social media analytics company Sysomos shows that of 65 million population, there are only 19,235 Twitter users who disclose their location as Iran. DdOS Attacks, etc.
3. Tactic #3 – Create Green photo of yourself
4. Tactic #4 – Upload videos/photos – repost, retweet and let it spread…

Now these are only a few strategies.

The Tea Party doesn’t have to be concerned with concealing their identities. They protest freely in the streets without worry of being photographed. What are some of the tactics they use? In the case of twitter, they are not on a centralized network because there are many Tea Parties depending upon the region you live in. Fundamentally, they can be categorized as a distributed network.

  • You Tube
  • Facebook – Mainly Fan Pages
  • Their Own Websites
  • Twitter Feeds

Tea Party Twitter Feeds:

These are a few examples I found on Don Mashak’s Political Twitter Tweets. This blog posts just about all the most popular Twitter hash tags, FB pages and describes each one.

The 2008 Obama Campaign:

The Presidential campaign encompassed many different tools via the internet. The You Tube debate was very popular, by having ordinary citizens post their questions online via video for the candidates to answer.

Democratic Party candidate Barack Obama created a broad grassroots movement and a new method of campaigning by courting and mobilizing activists, donations, and voters through the Internet. It was part of a campaign that mobilized grassroots workers in every state. Obama also set fundraising records in more than one month by gaining support from a record-breaking number of individual small donors.

Another example of Internet use in political movements:

Ron Paul:

On December 16, 2007, Ron Paul collected $6 million, more money on a single day through Internet donations than any presidential candidate in US history.

May called this a fundraising gimick but it worked to the advantage of Paul’s campaign.

In my final post I would like to analyze the back and forth between the Media and Online resources is occurring.


How is the Tea Party Movement using the Internet Age, ie Twitter, to it’s advantage?

Hello Hello, this is your special correspondent reporting to you from the crazy Tea Party Madness, we are throwing tons of tea into the Hudson River, come join us! Just kidding. It was a big week for the Tea Party movement, it was their anniversary on February 27th. Funny how we’ve only started to hear about them in the past few months.

What is the Tea Party?

  • What has made this group unique is the their use of technology in promoting their cause. They have using mostly, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Blogs and also Fox News which has been the only television network that has reported this cause the most.
  • They are a grass roots movement, so most of there collaborating is done online and through viral marketing.

A timeline of events for this week:

2/27 – One year anniversary – groups are preparing for Tea Party Tax Day April 15th.

This week Speaker Pelosi acknowledges the Tea Party movement and their willingness to fight for their cause – via FoxNews

“Glenn Beck thinks the elite media is marginalizing the tea party movement because they think the participants are “just stupid people with pitchforks.” Beck told Fox & Friends that the movement was just going to get “stronger and stronger.” via FoxNew

Also, Arnold Schwarzenegger criticized the TP movement as something that will “twinkle and disappear” yet it is now spreading to the United Kingdom where many are creating events to gather and vent. Many of these reports were done through individual blogs and of course Fox News.

So how are these groups mobilizing?

First it began with a cause, and some believe hatred for their President and his race. (eeeek) Then the word spread as people decided to congregate in churches, groups and started tweeting about the movement. Then the sites went up. One site that I have been watching all week is the Tea Party Patriots.

When logging into their site you see a couple of options which are very important: As you can see in the list below – there is an option to blog, as well as tweet on behalf of the cause.

Join Us
Read How Start a Tea Party
Find a Tea Party Near Me
Download April 15, 2010 Banners
Post/Tweet To the Patriot Feed
Join Discussions
Post to Contract From America
Read Our Blog


Facebook -The Tea Party Patriots Page has over 96,000 fans alone.

Twitter – Tea Party Patriots - 1200 followers

YouTube – TPP Channel - 204 Subscribers

What does this all mean?
I have take one small faction of the Tea Party Movement, the Tea Party Patriots, joined their ranks an looked over the mediums they are using? Now why would they take this route? Maybe they are taking a page out of Obama’s book by starting with something that doesn’t require main stream media to endorse.

The new media age enables users to collaborate (as I mentioned in class last week). The Power Theory that Benkler discusses also is a good example of how these users are interacting. One person sends out a thread to a “not so interested” group of people, but they still skim over it. One of those people decides to broadcast that information, which then creates a domino effect. It is similar to celebrities no longer using publicist but their twitter feeds,


A) It’s cheap

B) It’s unedited

C) More people will pay attention to it if their a humanistic quality (you feel personal closer to the users)

Another analysis I tried – Google – Tea Party – 35.1 million hits today

As you can see below I have also done some twitter stats for you all – for TPPatriot, the one group I am focusing this week’s research on.

The first graph is tweets per day:

The next graph is daily aggregated tweets:

The final is tweet density

To conclude – this is my analysis on TPP Patriots and their use of twitter. They use a twitter feed on their own site called the Patriot Feed where I have been updating my status and reading other users comments.

New Media = Tea Party, without these form of media/technology I don’t believe the Tea party would exist. This week a new movement has erupted called the Coffee Party as well.

If anyone is interested in attending a tea party event with me, please let me know!

Mini Poll

Hi All – I decided to post a Mini Poll if you don’t mind answering it.. I figure since we are all pretty educated on SNSes.. This group would be a good sampling to test on.. :) Also, if you don’t mind in your comments explaining why you chose that answer… and also, if you can think of a better answer..

1st Travelogue: The Aftershocks of Ineffective Therapy

The part of The Trap that caught my attention and particularly disturbed me was the discussion towards the end of the documentary about negative liberty and the attempt to use this political philosophy on Russia. I had trouble agreeing with the concept of negative liberty because it promotes a society without ideas. To me, this seems utterly contradictory to true freedom, which is what was trying to be accomplished. While negative liberty promotes the individual’s ability to do whatever they please, it also hinders the individual from finding purpose in one’s life. Consequently, in the case of Russia, it seems that authorities were creating an illusion of freedom for the population, rather than providing true freedom and reform.

When the group of American advisors, led by Jeffrey Sachs, tried to put the theory of negative liberty into effect through their plan of “shock therapy,” it proved to be a disaster. A Time Magazine article notes that in January of 1992 when the therapy was being implemented, “The lines outside food stores in Russia grow longer and longer, and the people standing in them grow angrier and angrier.” Yet, this idea of “freedom” was continually pushed onto the society.

I feel as though Sachs and his group of advisors were too strict in their plan, not allowing for mistakes. They tried to push a certain viewpoint on the whole of society, without taking into account the people of that particular society. Isaiah Berlin, the philosopher that further defined the idea of negative liberty from the time of Kant, even noted that being too steadfast to one idea will only lead to its collapse:

“It is seldom, moreover, that there is only one model that determines our thought; men (or cultures) obsessed at their models are rare, and while they may be more coherent at their strongest, they tend to collapse more violently when, in the end, their concepts are blown up by reality – experienced events, ‘inner’ or ‘outer’ that get in the way.” (from ‘Does Political Theory Still Exist?, 1962; http://www.kirjasto.sci.fi/berlin.htm)

I do not think a specific, structured mode of developing a society and promoting a certain notion of freedom will ultimately succeed. The plan must have room to grow and breathe with the society it is supposed to be helping. Additionally, to take away the ability for individuals to control their own lives and develop their own sense of fundamental purpose, for the sake of being free to do as they wish, is inherently not free.

First Travelogue: The Trap & New Media

Next week we will start our first journal series. Please follow these instructions:

  1. Watch Adam Curtis’s The Trap: What Happened To Our Dream Of Freedom
  2. Each choose one topic that stood out, intrigued, irritated, disturbed or made you tick in any way and try to discover the discourse around it through research and expand it through your own commentary.
  3. Write at least one posts to the class blog before Sunday, 4pm. Make sure to include references and links where needed and to expose the discussion in an enticing post that would make the rest of the class interested enough to discuss it.
  4. Choose at least three of the posts published by other students in the class and comment on them (in the post’s comments section).
  5. Be prepared to present the posts you chose to react to next week to the class.
  6. Additionally: Write a short comment to the Trap post about how do you see the relevancy of the trap to the new media discourse.

Required material:

Suggested Material:


  • Read the two articles and listen to the On The Media segment
  • Summarize it for us in a nicely accessible post to be published by Sunday 4pm
  • Be prepared to present the article in class
  • Post to del.icio.us some links that expand the discussion either about the text or about key themes in it.
  • Enjoy.

See you all next week.