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Steve Jobs: Not Sexy?

So I had already posted on the topics I was considering for my next travelogue. Well, I have another one. Apple banning “sexy” apps from its App Store, or as ABC News calls Porn Purge. Well, there seems to a lot of controversy around it. Can Apple do this? While we know Apple has been known to be a overly protective of their products, is this being too controlling? What defines apps that can be banned and not banned. Unfortunately, I am a Android phone owner and will not be able to conduct this journey first-handed by trying different things myself. However, I hope to tackle this from an investigative journalism type of travelogue. Sort of trying it in a way Alexandra did with Gawker Stalker. I plan on looking at what apps have been banned and why some like Sports Illustrated Swimsuit have not been banned. Some people (and the media) can become a bit enamored with Apple sometimes. I am leaning on the side of thinking they are being business-like and evil in a way. Could they be allowing certain “sexy” apps based on who made them? As in they cannot dare to fight with the Big Boys and corporations and banning their apps, but can afford to squash the weaker (and perhaps correctly more perverted) laymen? Let’s find out!