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Individual vs Collective Freedom

thank you harris, that is an interesting question if nation states would be still viable. i personally doubt it in the case of malaysia, but malaysia’s government does believe in it, or at least tries to make malaysians believe it. one of the prime minister’s main ambitions is laid out in the concept of “1Malaysia” but it has been received critically among the opposition and the recent incidents don’t really support it either. the different ethnic groups feel fooled by the government and don’t believe in “1Malaysia” as long as legal and economic inequalities exist among them. i would like to see a more united Malaysia though (of course, it’s my home country ;) ) and i think it is not completely unrealistic in the future, but considering the current state it is in, more dramatic changes have to happen, in which (new) media can play a decisive role.

» Posted By lindai On January 26, 2010 @ 7:35 pm

TV, the Tyrant – Travelogue-1

from my personal experience as somebody who does not have a television at home and has not owned a television for years, i think of TV as just another media outlet among others, i just decided to deliberately cut it out. others might not read newspapers, magazines, or surf the web for news, but eventually everybody is exposed to what the media spreads. everybody is perceptive to some kind of media channel from which he/she can choose as what to believe or not, but it is probably not possible to be not at all influenced in some way unless you live a hermit’s life.

» Posted By lindai On January 26, 2010 @ 8:32 pm

Week 1 Summary

thank you for a great summary, alexandra!
reading through all the follow up comments i wonder what else is left to contribute to the discussion? the media landscape is definitely changing and moving away from traditional media. the journalists – blogger debate has been going on for a long time and one cannot generally say (anymore) if newspaper or blogs are more credible. i think that if one wants to have an accurate picture, one has to research it at the micro level. e.g. it has to be looked at for individual cases, or newspapers, and different countries as well. if i take malaysia as an example, where traditional media are all censored and the majority pro-government, it is a blessing to have bloggers who report on the uncensored internet. that does not mean that bloggers are automatically more trusted but they offer an alternative to the biased newspapers and other media outlets.

» Posted By lindai On January 26, 2010 @ 6:52 pm

Fear vs. Love

just a few thoughts:
regarding the cold war, there existed only these two superpowers. if not the USA, who else could have acted against the USSR? i think most countries were scared and feared to be annihilated by the USSR, and therefore thankful that the USA was powerful enough to participate in this arms race. the level of mistrust did not allow for negotiations anymore or as you say, “just pick up the phone.” i don’t think it is simply a question about the US spreading their ideology or proving their power. if one or more countries are annihilated you can neither spread democracy nor communism.
(to the question if democracy is better than communism – just look at the countries that adhere to communism…)

to your analogy of love or fear: how can you develop love when under the influence of (constant) fear? yes, one should respect one’s parents, but that respect should come from the love one has for the parents! one or two generations back it used to be different for the majority of families. children did indeed fear their parents but nowadays? do you really believe this is still the case?
if a relationship is built on fear, how can there be trust? and if there is no trust, how can there be love?
the USSR could not be trusted, thus fear built up.

» Posted By lindai On January 24, 2010 @ 2:53 pm

A Week Without Google

omg, it is not easy, i have to admit!
accidentally, i used the google search of my browser, i opened a you tube link that a friend sent via my gmail account which i luckily redirected to another account..
then my mom asked me to check on her gmail account because she could not access it and i have somehow become her personal IT helpdesk (i referred her to someone else this time). finally, i got this “someone has googled you” message which i will not check until next week despite my curiosity.
well, i keep trying my best and stop immediately when i realize my sin.

@ leslie: try the “hopstop” app for iPhone if you need directions.

» Posted By lindai On January 31, 2010 @ 2:29 pm

The Trap / Adam Curtis

the trap made me think about freedom and control regarding new media. as other people mentioned here, we have constant access to information via the internet but the fact that we are constantly connected and try to stay up-to-date with what is happening in the world (which is impossible given the sheer amount of information), there lies the danger of alienating from the non-virtual world.

what intrigued me more than the freedom one gains through new media though is the control one is willing to accept. as soon as one uses any device one’s information is “out there” and available to whoever is able to access it. even if one just carries a phone without necessarily using it, one is traceable. how many people are aware of that and who thinks of it as being controlled or watched? why does the majority of people accept it as normal? is it possibly (for those living in a democracy) that the government can be trusted not to misuse its power?

maybe it is just the perception of freedom and control that has changed in the age of new media?

» Posted By lindai On January 25, 2010 @ 12:44 pm

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