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Speake out- and map it!

This tool is very interesting. I had never heard of it. I would definitely like to learn more about it. The only issue that concerns me is that many of these people may not have internet access so how can we ensure that the information that is being provided will reach the population, and also, like any “blog” how can we validate the information. I can recall during the twitter revolution in Iran, a lot of the information being posted was inaccurate. CNN and many reputable news organizations were using twitter feeds and fb statuses as reference.

As I mentioned before – this tool “Ushahidi, an Internet platform created by Kenyan bloggers during the post-election violence in Kenya in 2008.” can be IMMENSELY useful for those people who can’t rely on their local newspapers, or TV News, because they are corrupt or full of lies for political or other reasons, etc.. So I definitely think this is a really COOL topic to start your travels with. (and possibly because I want to learn about it haha)

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I have never been to the site before, and I just took a peek. It looks pretty cool and informative, by accident I clicked on Gawker Stalker and didn’t realize that you had mentioned it is a google map. Nonetheless, this relates well with what we are learning as far as privacy is concerned and I think this is a very interesting topic. It is similar to Perez Hilton, but the fact that actual people update this site with sightings is scary. Usually celebrities or high profile people avoid the paparazzi, now the paparazzi are ordinary citizens, similar to the citizen journalism we spoke of last week.

As most of know, we spot celebrities all the time, I never took the time to think about posting a photo or updating a status saying I saw them. Maybe I might just indulge in this sort of activity once in a while.

I think its a great idea for a travelogue, I’m just wondering what other new media tools you can compare it with.

I would actually be very interested in seeing how many hits this site has and how many people read through it on a daily basis.

Sitemeter.com actually shows you their top rated hits, and Gawker is on there, but I’m not sure how valid these results are. I will search for you once I have the ability to use Google products again and see what I come up with. You can also take a look at the sites listed there, and possible compare and contrast with those.

» Posted By HoniehBarak On February 1, 2010 @ 7:07 pm

Travelogue 2: Facebook vs MySpace! Updated 2/7/10

I chose MySpace because it was the first social community I joined. After MySpace I joined Friendster, Orkut, but never used either one. I stayed with MySpace till a good friend of mine convinced me that MySpace was turning into into “dirty” community site and that I should join Facebook because it is “cleaner.” I will take a look at the other sites as well as the links you have posted. This travelogue topic is not *finalized* so I will take this all into account this week during my research.

Thank you! :)

» Posted By HoniehBarak On February 1, 2010 @ 8:09 pm

Week 2 Summary

Scroogled caught my attention and when I first read it I was in complete shock. (I might have read it in the middle of the night haha). After a few days had passed, I realized I over reacted. I was telling everyone I know to remove themselves from Gmail and all other Google products. Now that the dust has settled, I agree with the rest of the class that this story was a bit exaggerated BUT not far fetched. This could happen in a few years. China is a perfect example of a government who likes to use Big Brother to watch over it’s people. Now as for the argument of Google keeping data and then transitioning into an anonymous (or deletable) I think its a load of crap. Why? Well because hackers are able to track your IP address, even if you in a masked Gateway they will be able to acquire this information or use an IP Sniffer. What is the difference between Google and a Geek sitting in front of PC armed with a bunch of servers and warez tools.

Danah Boyd’s article was also interesting because of the default of being put into public space. I believe people should be set at a default of PRIVATE. When Facebook decided to update its privacy settings, it had enabled everything on my profile to be public. I honestly believe that this is a business tactic on Zuckerberg’s part as Dan has mentioned “just a ploy to legitimize their information collecting activities.”

» Posted By HoniehBarak On February 1, 2010 @ 7:44 pm

Social Media as the Moneymaking Machine

I have the same problem as you do Dan, as far as researching is concerned. I have been researching the SAME digital SLR for the past 4 months. I want to make sure that this camera is worth my money, will be able to do the things I want, and is top of the line. I search nextag, cnet, you name it I obsess over it…

With that said..

I think this topic is fascinating, probably because I am in *somewhat* similar line of work. I used to work for an email marketing company, and we would buy up keywords, and ads, incorrect spellings of domain names etc… I would always wonder, how were these people making money. Now I am in the mobile marketing industry and use almost the same process, but I wonder are these ads really worth that much? I also wonder, how is Facebook making all this money. What does this online community have that so many people are interested in. How do we place a monetary value on Facebook.

Also, we have to factor in mobile devices which are bringing in revenue for these site.

Check out this article, it states that Facebook usage jumped 600 percent after its introduction into mobile use.


I am excited to see what you will come up with!

» Posted By HoniehBarak On February 1, 2010 @ 7:22 pm

Smile (or Not)- You Are Being Watched!

Nadine, ingenious idea! I actually have been trying to do a similar experiment, but with my car! Ha! I am always trying to avoid ways of not getting a ticket, or tracked – I know it’s crazy – but I actually feel like my privacy is being invaded whenever I go through a toll booth and my EZ Pass is read. They always say, “Big Brother” is watching, but in respect to security, at school I believe it is very important. Especially since there have been occurrences of violence against students.

If you can recall the 24 yr old Yale student who was found in a compartment in her own lab building last year – these types of crimes are trying to be prevented through the security cameras at NYU.


It may to seem to some as an inconvenience but these cameras do help when it comes to our safety, and possibly as evidence if need be for attacks.

To answer your question – (after the patriot act)


- all of those who reside in this country will have to sacrifice their privacy in order to remain safe, against the supposed war on “terrorism.”

» Posted By HoniehBarak On January 26, 2010 @ 2:23 am

TV, the Tyrant – Travelogue-1

I agree with your comments, mainly because it sparked something I’ve been thinking about lately about the way the news media is being portrayed in the United States. By chance, the twitter revolution of Iran, gave insight to those who had never met an Iranian the true nature of the struggles within the nation. If it had not been for this new medium, the American media may have never reported on the story. A few years ago I was visiting family in Germany and I had noticed that the news coverage of the BBC and other networks was much more graphic in detail and honest, non bias in comparison to the American News Media. It made me think that there is a possible motive in the United States to brain wash its viewers. You can spot these differences between CNN and FOX News at times. Journalism may be suffering from a slow death, but the investigative new types of journalism such as twitter, blogging, and online newspapers brings a new worldly perspective to the news instead of the tunnel vision that is provided to us on television.

Check out this news channel – similar to current – but all their content is made by their viewers, without any restrictions.


Thank you!

» Posted By HoniehBarak On January 26, 2010 @ 12:33 am

The Trap


I have to agree with you in your comments that the altruistic behavior that these Non profit organizations focus themselves with would complete contradict the Prisoner’s Dilemma, Game Theory, etc. In order for these non profit’s to function, there has always been a give and take. Leslie makes a good point that relating celebrities and good will – but do we always need famous icons to promote us to do good will? For example, Britney Spear’s recently auctioned off her dress to donate the funds to Haiti.


In essence, Britney only used her fame, nothing else. The Versace dress was given to her for free, so I don’t believe she did anything that would be characterized as selflessness.

At times, charity can be perceived as a selfish tactic to promote one’s career.

» Posted By HoniehBarak On January 26, 2010 @ 12:26 am

Week 1 Summary

“The Internet gives readers what they want; newspapers give them what they need.”

This quote also sparked my interest Alexandra. I have to say your summary was quite insightful to read.

The Internet not only gives readers what they want, but also does give them what they need. Many reputable newspapers have an their own online version, which some don’t charge for.

Ie: http://www.nytimes.com

After reading these articles, I did find that my opinion on bloggers had not changed. I personal don’t blog often but I do find that because of the bloggers the field correspondent is no longer as important.

Journalists such as Christiane Amanpour or Andersen Cooper are constantly in different countries doing field work, but they are the only people I see that stand out.


Other journalists have either been laid off or decided to start their own blogs. My only reason of being negative towards blogs is that they may tell you “what is happening” but they also add their own personal tone to it. The twitter revolution in Iran was something that I personal engaged in on a day to day basis. May of the reports that were coming in I would translate for others and repost. There wasn’t a single correspondent in Iran at the time who could VALIDATE these occurrences. There is a need for journalists from credible organizations and I believe there will always be a demand for them.


» Posted By HoniehBarak On January 26, 2010 @ 6:05 pm

A Week Without Google

I was watching ABC News and they were mentioning the kidnap story in Haiti, so immediately I had to see what they were referencing, immediately they pull up a google earth map to show where Port au Prince is…. lets just say there were a few profanities involved!

Down to the wire and it is getting harder and harder!


» Posted By HoniehBarak On January 31, 2010 @ 6:44 pm

I posted a You Tube video on my Travelogue, FORGETTING that this medium, was part of the Google Challenge.

I am itching to open my Gmail… uh oh!

» Posted By HoniehBarak On January 31, 2010 @ 3:11 pm

Couple of mishaps today. Yesterday I did so well.

My network went down today at work, so I was troubleshooting with a few of the tech guys and he comes over and says..

“Hey Honieh, it’s back up, see!!” – Of course he was on Google.com and I turned my head away.

Second mishap – I was sending an attachment from my iPhone to a friend. Without realizing it – the account I was sending my email from was GMAIL.

Other than that it has been smooth sailing!

I have 36 emails in my inbox on gmail.. and I don’t plan on opening any!

» Posted By HoniehBarak On January 29, 2010 @ 11:35 am

Oh btw – forgot to mention that I had to avoid all calls that I am receiving from my Google voice numbers that are being re-routed to my mobile. (I feel guilty even typing the word Google!!)

I guess I’ll speak to those people later! Ha! I like this!

If I receive a text Mushon – should I ignore that as well?


P.S. I hope this is my last comment!!

» Posted By HoniehBarak On January 27, 2010 @ 1:58 pm

Yet again! I spoke to my immediate supervisor about the predicament I am in and he found it to be very interesting. He told me that most people might have more difficulty with the email functionality more than any of their other products (I beg to differ).

As we are discussing this – we get on a call with a client and he says to me – “Hey Honieh, Can you pull the client’s Google Analytics website visits for me.”

My boss basically says, “Ooops! That’s Right. Nevermind, Don’t do it, I’ll figure it out.” I went ahead and pulled it up for him since he was on an important call.

In the midst of his call he says “YOUR NOT ALLOWED TO DO THAT REMEMBER?”

This experiment is creating an interesting work environment on my end, but at least my boss is helping me stay on track somewhat!


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So I broke the class google restriction already! I logged into Adium, which has all of my IM clients automatically logging on, before I could go to my preferences my Gchat was online. I went ahead and signed off. My next task was to login to our system platform to do some programming and none other than GOOGLE showed up as my default homepage. Yes, I have reset it.

So much for abstaining from Google. Wish we me well! :)

» Posted By HoniehBarak On January 27, 2010 @ 10:57 am

Into Travelogue #2 / Privacy, Google & Panopticon 2.0

Corey Doctorow’s Scroogled opened my eyes dramatically as far as Google Products are concerned. I know that this story is strictly fictional.. but it does give way to many projects the government is involved in currently to invade on the privacy of people. I found this story to be *VERY* interesting and now I believe I will be more cautious as to what I do on the net. I have been having conversations back and forth in regards to Facebook with friends. Facebook has taken on a new phenomenon in social structure, people jump to conclusions based on what you see on there and sometimes there is WAY too much info being divulged on there (even if you set your security settings.) At times, I do want to be completely off the radar like that poor character MAYA.

» Posted By HoniehBarak On January 30, 2010 @ 5:21 pm

The Trap / Adam Curtis

Short Comment on the Trap:

I believe that this video is relevant to our discussion of new media because currently with the innovations that the internet has provided society we are able to express ourselves freely through digital media.

No longer are there restrictions on what people say or think.

The ability to communicate through videos, SMS, WAP, mobile site, etc – users are able to communicate with one another and start their own movements without the aids of government of Politicians backing them. Our desire for freedom has literally exploded on the internet.

The need for people to connect with one another and twitter, Facebook, Myspace proves that the humanistic characters we are seeking have been found through this medium. Lessons I learned from this film is that there is a reason why certain nations believe the Western Hemisphere’s idea of freedom is not necessarily a free “utopia” but a controlled robotic type of society where we are characterized by checklists, antidepressants and money markets. This may begin our discussion in class as, why is Digital Media so important today? Why are more and more people engaging themselves online, than in person. Is this new society we engage in possess the abilities to change the world as we see it?

» Posted By HoniehBarak On January 23, 2010 @ 9:38 pm

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