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This course is devoted to the research of new communication channels that evolved with the rise of information technology and digital connectivity. These new tools develop new practices, ethics and power relations and require us to approach them from a different angle. Since the pace of these new media adoption is constantly increasing we will try to develop a more experimental research practice, in which we will act as participating agents within the explored new media environments. In that sense students should expect to be ‘embedded’ and ‘report from’ deep within social networking sites, multiplayer online immersive environments, the blogosphere, the open source movement, radical online activist groups, internet based art, cellphone networks, and more. The researches we conduct are something we call “travelogues”, they resemble travel journals or field reporting and will encounter the similar anthropological conflicts of the researcher’s role in its subject of research. Projects will be executed both in groups and individually and will be using an assortment of collaborative web tools to conduct and document the research online. In addition to the individual researches each week will feature a theme and will be discussed through assigned reading, listening and viewing materials.

We will meet every Tuesday between 04:55pm-07:05pm @ Silver Building 402 NYU, New York.


Mushon Zer-Aviv

mushon [at] shual [dot] com