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New Media and the (Uncertain) Future of Journalism

Potential Topic in New Media: “New Media and the (Uncertain) Future of Journalism.” We touched on this briefly in the beginning of the semester, but I think it is an area that is very rich and could benefit from a deeper discussion. How bad is the existing journalism “crisis”? What are potential solutions? What will it take to get us there? What is the appropriate role (if any) for government funded journalism? I tried to make these required and recommended readings reflective of the debate more generally, and what is happening currently in the field.

Required Reading/Viewing:

Recommended Reading/Watching:

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  1. nadine 16:13, Apr 19th, 10

    How ProPublica Went From Start Up To Pulitzer In Two Years


  2. ElzbthMllr 16:18, Apr 19th, 10

    Thanks Nadine. I’m writing a paper on this for our Media Policy and Regulation class and I talk a lot about ProPublica!