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Online collaboration–pre-conclusion.

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Sorry about this temporary conclusion. In the end, the project finally started to give some results, but very slolwly. There’s a lot to learn from that, too (I know there was a reason). I will definitely post my conclusion, but I thought I needed to wait a bit more and see if I could reach the final stage or not. Thanks, guys.

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  1. Juliette 06:36, Apr 13th, 10

    Interesting preconclusion Jimena. Makes definitely think that icentives are a key tool to raise motivation in participating.

    It shoulddefinitely inspire Leslie and her Icecream spy project!

  2. ElzbthMllr 07:42, Apr 13th, 10

    Looking forward to the conclusion! I really like how you integrated last week’s readings into your posts. Can’t wait to see the winning pictures. If this takes off you should create a website with all the finalists etc, I think that’d be cool. You could also allow users to rate the photographs themselves, getting people more involved that way (think of what makes websites like KittenWar.com successful). Good luck with the rest of the project! I think your use of media is great too, and I liked how you were consistent in certain areas with the photographs from last week, I recognized the fonts etc, which made it have a nice fluidity.

  3. Ryan 11:12, Apr 13th, 10

    Jimena, Great job! Like everyone else, I also look forward to how you report the results from the competition. I really liked how you kept things consistent from last week like Elizabeth said, and that you made progress after a trial and error type format. I think the hardest thing is the time constraint to set something like that up or even Leslie’s project. Projects/Travelogues like these take more time to really develop, but I admire and respect you for trying something different that was challenging.

    Lastly, I would like to know more about what kind of pictures that you gathered and some of the finalists with the competition and how the competition was judged. Again, I think Elizabeth has a good point in allowing the users to rate the photos and judge the contest.

    …eagerly waiting for the ‘real’ conclusion.

  4. Alexandra 11:37, Apr 13th, 10

    Looking forward to the audio! I will be interested to hear your results.

  5. Leslie 12:42, Apr 13th, 10

    Cool post, Jimena! I really like your use of images while you speak- it keeps me waiting to see what’s next.

    It is quite tough to get people involved online, as I am finding out, as well- much more difficult than I imagined! I had this idea in my head that everyone would just come flocking to the ice cream website…not so much! It definitely makes sense that the bigger the incentive, the more people interested. I eagerly await to hear more about how your project ends up. It’s definitely learnings that can be carried out to future projects on the web.