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what makes people collaborate online?

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* Images by the members of Found in the Subway Facebook Fan Page, Raph Koster website, Aaron Alamo, Adarian Herschel, and Flickr groups participants.

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  1. nadine 09:42, Apr 6th, 10

    Jimena, very cool video! Great pictures!!! Though they passed a little bit too fast, thanks for leaving them longer on next time so we can enjoy them (aesthetic fun!)

    Your first conclusion about your project seems very interesting. Why did the homepage fail? Though I wouldn’t describe it as a project failure. In Koster’s words, it is just a form of feedback: failure is important because it spurs our learning process. I find it also very helpful.
    We talked so much about online collaboration, the revolutionary Web 2.0- but as Shirky remarked, this isn’t easily achieved. It is a little bit like creating a video game. How can you hook the player?
    Creating competition could help. Is there an award? What is it? It must be something that is worth to fight for. Social recognition- evt. a possibility to get your photo published?
    Your travelogue also shows how important physical networks still are. In your Facebook group (could you post the link?), your friends or friends of friends participated. It confirms our discussion about super networks and social capital.
    Participating in the Flickr community is a great idea! My questions: do make people participate, do you also need to have an established social capital (online reputation)? Are the subway photo groups participative or do the only share their work (I am thinking of Shirky’s model)?

  2. juliette b 09:51, Apr 6th, 10

    very creative slides Jimena! and I like the rythm and style that you chose although I would slow it a little.

    Your finding are also interesting, and brings us back to Shirky’s objective look at collaboration which is definitely not easy to achieve.
    The conclusion that you draw highlight a lack of competition and feedback… I am curious to discover your last travelogue but I would also like you to inquire on how to mobilize people in the long run. Do you think the key factors of success are the same?

  3. Alexandra 10:10, Apr 6th, 10

    really cool! i got so caught up watching your slides go by that it was a little hard to follow what you were saying. but it definitely kept me engaged. i thought it was smart that you took a lesson from our readings and applied it to your thinking in your travelogue. the addition of competition seems like it could definitely help. i also agree with nadine’s comment about the importance of physical networks and social capital. in my travelogue research, i have found that people seem very willing to participate in online forums and post comments, play games, etc. But the brand that is sponsoring the forum is well-known and established. it is harder to break through and grab people’s attention if you don’t have an big online reputation.

  4. Leslie 11:01, Apr 6th, 10

    Awesome presentation! I definitely agree with you that it’s tough to get people’s attention online…I’m finding that out now with my travelogue, as well (and with past travelogues). I agree with Alex’s comments too that it definitely seems to help if the website is branded by a well-known company. Getting past your friends that are in a way “obligated” to help you and reaching a larger audience seems like it will be a difficult task. Let me know if you come up with and ground breaking ideas concerning this!

  5. Jimena 11:02, Apr 6th, 10

    Thanks all for your comments.
    I totally agree with you about the importance of mistakes in learning. Believe me, this has been a the case! lol The web failure was a wrong choice of medium. The flavors.me website creates more of a display window and social media aggregator than an actual website, because it doesn’t allow for interaction. the prize definitely is a key issue, but since they are active participants in those groups anyway, I think that the community’s recognition could be a strong attraction.
    Being able to be heard on the web is super hard! building yourself a name and voice is hard work, and I think that’s where a delicate balance between content, difussion and feedback (working your audience) come in… I would naturally lean towards quality content being the main element but of course that is super subjective as well.
    Thanks for your pointers on the video. Making it has been a LEARNING experience alright!
    Nadine, the FB page is http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Found-in-the-subway/104200259616957

  6. ElzbthMllr 12:45, Apr 6th, 10

    This was really interesting. You ask yourself, “what was I doing wrong” because the people who posted pictures were your friends or friends of friends. I don’t necessarily think that you were doing anything “wrong” per say, you were reaching out to a network where one already existed, with you at the center, so that may be another way to look at it.

    I think you did a smart thing realizing that the issue you were interested in (eg pics of things on subways) already existed and that it was best to go meet the people where they already were (flickr). One of the great things about the social web is that you don’t have to create your own platform all the time, because the tools are out there to reach a larger audience.

    You did a great job integrating the readings this week. Good luck in the last week! Looking forward to seeing the contest winners.

  7. Ryan 15:59, Apr 6th, 10

    Excellent job! Great fast paced photo stream podcast. I really liked it and it was like a visual fast photo feast to my eyes. I thought it was something unique and it worked really well for you. As far as your topic, I really appreciated and admire you for how you learned from your media mistake with the website, but that you continued on and found what was lacking through the help of the reading about video games. I thought your competition of best subway photos was a great idea and I look forward to checking out your actual contest to see who wins. I might have to listen to it again but who will participate in the voting and judging of the best photos? And more than just bragging rights, is their any further incentive for winning?
    Great job Jimena!

  8. mushon 19:52, Apr 7th, 10

    +1 on graceful failures and iterative design! Nice job…