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Concluding the 4th travelogue and this evolutionary step

Hey guys, that’s it, we will be concluding the 4th travelogue in the coming week.

T4 – Final week:

Focus on crafting the concluding post. Either way, each of you please comment 4+ times this week on your friend’s posts.


Since the class will be done in three weeks from now, I want us to do some preparation work towards the final assignment:

  • Click on your author link on our sidebar to review all of your past posts.
  • Make sure that every post is assigned the right category (1-travelogue, 2-travelogue, fyi…)
  • Make sure you are using tags to describe the themes your travelogue deals with (privacy, journalism, art, chat roulette, Haiti, economics…) feel free to use several tags on any post. Try to use tags that have been used before, this will help us make the tag cloud more representative of what we’ve been doing this semester.
  • I am adding a ‘related posts’ plugin which will do some networking based on the tags that you use, probably between your own posts but possibly between yours and others.

Required Reading:

Recommended Reading:



  • Read the review, the article and watch the talk video.
  • Summarize it for us in a nicely accessible post to be published by Sunday 4pm, ideally running some threads between them.
  • Be prepared to present the article and lead the discussion in class.
  • Post to del.icio.us some links that expand the discussion either about the text or about key themes in it.


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