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What is a museum in 2010? Part 2

Here is my Travelogue part 2

I tried hard to make my media richer by adding a podcast.

To be honest, I am very sceptical on the input that it actually brings to my presentation but at least I am happy that I achieved to create it. It should be even better next week!

Also after watching my slides, I encourage you to have a look at Nina’s work on her blog.


Let me know if you have any questions I am supposed to meet with her on Friday…


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  1. Alexandra 10:16, Apr 6th, 10

    Alas, I can’t see your travelogue! there’s just a blank space where your slides should be. anyone else having this problem?

  2. Jimena 11:09, Apr 6th, 10

    Nope, I can see it alright! Maybe try to watch it directly on SlideShare?

    Juliette, very interesting topic. I agree about the importance of the content, but I think it also depends on the audience. Museum visitors and those interested on major art exhibits would definitely be seeking a quality stream of information, but maybe teens or other target would want a more attractive, lively product over an in-depth take on the artwork. Next week Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia founder, will give a talk at the New Museum about technology and culture. Definitely a must! http://www.newmuseum.org/events

  3. Alexandra 11:33, Apr 6th, 10

    I got on! On my Mac it worked fine but on my work PC no luck. Oh well. Anyway, I found your slides much better this week with sound. I’m sorry to hear you were disappointed with both the virtual tour and the real exhibit, although I’m not very surprised. So much of a museum is being there in person, getting lost in it and coming across new and exciting things. I don’t think there is any way that 140 characters would do a proper museum justice, even if they had better links or answered direct questions. I think it was a worthwhile experience, but maybe not a successful one.

  4. HoniehLayla 12:23, Apr 6th, 10

    It is definitely interesting to see how technology is being used to promote museums to create virtual tours, engaging in social media online with the museum organizers.

    I have noticed that the Whitney museum has promoted highly heavily their promotion for twitter and also social media mediums on the subway.

    I’m curious to know how many people are engaging in the new media in reference to the museums and exactly what type of content are they interested in accessing.

  5. niharika 13:22, Apr 6th, 10

    Hey all,
    How do you think what the Whitney Museum tried to differs from the virtual tours / panoramic views , etc that museums like the Smithsonian offer us?

    Would a virtual view of the rooms we want to visit be better than looking at the images on Flickr?

    SOme museum websites such as the CIA Museum allow you to click on artifacts on shelves and then zoom in & allow you to read information about them … would you prefer that to following a private tour on Twitter?

  6. Juliette 17:00, Apr 9th, 10

    @ Jimena unfortunately I could not make it yesterday at the New Museum conference. Did you have the chance to go? I would love to have your feed back!