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Micah Sifry Updates “Social Networking, New Governing”

This was his e-mail back to me (as I reminder I had forwarded him Juliette’s question about whether or not a year has changed whether or not Facebook was issuing a new kind of governing).

So here’s his response (short and sweet).


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. The more I thought about it the more I don’t think there’s much to update on to be honest. I can pretty much sum up how I feel about it in one line:

Facebook is still a Truman Show style democracy.

You can quote me on it.


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  1. niharika 14:04, Apr 6th, 10

    Interesting …. let’s talk about this in class some more :)

  2. mushon 19:58, Apr 7th, 10

    “Truman Show style democracy”, nice one, I might use that.