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It’s Time to Find those Ice Cream Trucks!

The @IceCreamSpy Twitter Bot is up and running and all the tweets are being posted on a map on my Blogger site here: http://www.icecreamspy.blogspot.com/. I switched over to Blogger (from WordPress) because I was having trouble with getting a map up on WordPress and found some good alternatives for using a map on Blogger.

I have 2 posts up for you guys to read on the site. The first post, “The Basics of Creating a Twitter Bot,” is an overview of the steps I took in creating my Twitter Bot. The second post, “Diving Into Yahoo Pipes,” is a more in depth explanation of how I used Yahoo Pipes to create an RSS feed for my Twitter Bot.

Feel free to spread the word & tag any trucks you find while out around NYC! I’ve been using the Echofon app to geotag as of now. It seems to be working pretty well.

Map of Ice Cream Truck Locations

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  1. mushon 18:53, Apr 5th, 10

    Exciting stuff… Now I need to go hunt for ice cream trucks.

    Say, does the map always require the M$ Silverlight plugin installation or does it have a Silverlightless version? I hate when M$ tries to push their Flash competitor down the users throats…

    I’m very happy that you got this working this week. It will give you another week to perfect the work. Another challenging task for you now would be to find a way to get people tagging. Any plans for that?

    Exciting stuff, really… More user feedback to follow, as soon as I find a truck.

  2. Leslie 21:10, Apr 5th, 10

    When I was getting the map badge, I did notice a little blurb on Silverlight & went searching for a way to turn it off, just out of curiosity, but couldn’t find one. The blurb says, “By default, the Silverlight version previewed above will display to your site visitors who already have Silverlight installed. A JavaScript version will display to users who have not installed Silverlight.”

    I just looked through my computer apps and it looks like Silverlight might have actually been installed on my computer at some point? I don’t even remember doing this! But yea, i can see how Microsoft is pushing their plugin…

    I’m guessing by your comment that you don’t have Silverlight installed? Does it prompt you to install plugin before seeing the map? Or does it bring you right to the javascript version?

    I’ve been thinking about how to get the word out…I’m not quite sure how I want to go about this yet. Maybe send messages out to companies/people on Twitter that are known for tweeting about things in NYC. I’m also thinking of putting the map on a separate site to make it not as cluttered for users (I figured I should do this before getting the word out). I’ve already started trying to promote it through my personal Twitter accounts, but it didn’t seem to take hold yet. I know there’s some services you can use that will find people to follow according to a certain topic…I haven’t looked into this yet, but maybe that’s an option, as well.

  3. nadine 10:40, Apr 6th, 10

    Very cool! Very impressive!!!! I can’t believe that you didn’t have any programming knowledge before!It’s great that you also share your wisdom on your Find an Ice Cream Truck before it Disappears-blog.
    You’ve got the perfect week for ice cream hunting. I will look around my neighborhood.
    How about spreading the news on Yelp and other user restaurant review sites? Or you could contact people that use #IceCreamTruck.

  4. HoniehLayla 12:27, Apr 6th, 10

    I have to say you have my favorite post – simply because you have taken a genius idea, incorporated new media technologies from scratch and created something very cool in the end. I definitely will be checking out your “creating a twitter bot” page. Did you find that incorporating RSS feeds into web page to be difficult?

    The weather is perfect for this bot to go live and crazy! :)