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Simulation of museums?

To inquire further on the future of museums (and to answer to Nadine’s question) here is a video explaining a project that Google is organizing with the most famous museums around the world.

The original idea came out of a statement: most of the time visitors come out of a famous museum frustrated. They feel their experience was tarnished by the crowd, they did not get to see a masterpiece as weel as they wanted or they did not spend enough time watching it…

Why not providing visitors with a second chance to enjoy Art on the Web?

YouTube Preview Image

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  1. Ryan 15:51, Apr 5th, 10

    This is a great way to mash up the art work using Adobe photoshop if a person wanted to. Bringing art to photos and the web. It reminds me of Benjamin’s “aura” being displaced of the prints of Mona Lisa versus going to the actual real site where it hangs. Yet, at the same time, it allows millions of people the access to see the reproduced work. This is a tough one…hmmmm. Museum or art on the web???

  2. Juliette 16:12, Apr 5th, 10

    True Ryan, although I don’t think that it should be one experience OR the other. I would look at it as something additional. A new tool, another layer to understand work of art.

  3. mushon 20:05, Apr 7th, 10

    Based on how we discussed the subject in class, what aspect of this application is a simulation?

  4. Juliette 16:47, Apr 9th, 10

    Well, if I had posted this video after Tuesday’s class, I might have reconsider the title!

    I would say the simulation is only the route to the museum (which is made up) while the shooting is only a new kind of representation…