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Open Vs Closed – Cool Video I HAD to post .

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  1. nadine 14:22, Apr 1st, 10

    Honieh, I am so glad that you picked up this issue! I feel it’s so important- one class is too short to discuss it!

    Yes, which system fosters more innovation- an open or a closed system? Here a great article of Google:

    The meaning of open

    (I’ve highlighted some text with ShiftSpace, but encountered some problems. Seems that the ShiftSpace is broken, so I can’t send you the link, just check out the article.)

    Rosenbergs explains why open systems- although “counterintuitive to people who are stuck in the old MBA way of thinking”- are better for innovation, competition, business, and (what a beautiful externality!) society in general.

  2. nadine 14:31, Apr 1st, 10

    By the way, I am very shocked about the RapeLay game, I will integrate this article in my summary. Thank you very much!