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Voices of Dissent: How Indians and Pakistanis are using Social Media to air their opinions!

The best ideas come to us by chance, and that is exactly what happened to me while writing this week’s travelogue… I was struggling to compile a video / slideshow of clips from various videos and blog posts I found online,when I came across some satirical cartoons mocking the on again-off again India-Pakistan peace efforts, and a new idea for a travelogue was born.

I decided to juxatapose images, cartoons, opinions (from blogs and discussion forums) to show the two sides of this complex issue. I’ve done this in two parts –

1) A video with images of peace the two media houses from India and Pakistan are using to promote their cause, however each alternating slide is a (political) satirical cartoon I have found online on independent blogs. (P.S. – the background song is the anthem of the Campaign)

2) A slideshow of the varied and differing opinions that Indians and Pakistanis are voicing online via Facebook, Twitter, and the blogosphere.

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  1. niharika 06:34, Mar 30th, 10

    Slideshow coming up…

    And the video should be viewable in a little bit :)

  2. Leslie 09:04, Mar 30th, 10

    Hey Niharika- cool video. I thought the use of the song for the peace campaign anthem in your video was interesting. As with I’m sure the original nature of the campaign, the rhythm of the song seems to promote a sense of harmony, peace, and overall happiness. Yet, when juxtaposed with the satirical cartoons, it seems to also take on a sense of solemnity. Since I can’t understand the words, I had to rely on the overall tone of what the song sounded like, which seemed to take on a new sense when placed into this context.

  3. HoniehLayla 10:03, Mar 30th, 10

    N –

    I thought your slide show was beautiful. The music brings on a very soothing yet deep tone to the slide show. I am very interested in the actual history of this conflict and how maybe new media is helping it become a more prominent issue. Aside from these 2 media houses, what else is being done. Also within your research what are these 2 medias house doing, any campaigning, online movements, that would aid in bringing these two countries to like each other once again.

  4. Alexandra 10:29, Mar 30th, 10

    Very cool! I don’t know a ton about the conflict/campaign, but I feel like I actually learned a lot from all the political cartoons. I agree with Honieh – the music definitely adds a lot to the images.

  5. ElzbthMllr 10:43, Mar 30th, 10

    Nice job with the video and I also really liked the song. I think it’s interesting to think about what kinds of things can be conveyed with images and cartoons vs. just actual text. I think that’s one of the key successes of social media is that it lends itself to a kind of story telling in a way that reaches a lot of people and networks where they already exist. Looking forward to seeing the slideshow as well.

  6. Ryan 10:43, Mar 30th, 10

    I like the video and how you juxtaposed different images, cartoons, and other shots of peace and war between the two countries. You gave me an idea to incorporate pictures into my videos from now on – thanks. I think the video does a great job conveying the message that you are trying to get across also. Like everyone else has said, the music definitely gives the video a very wholesome touch. Great job.

    In regards to your topic, I think its interesting to see more of how the media has shaped the two opposing sides views of the other country almost showing that they are both guilty of looking into the mirror and seeing themselves in each other. I’d like to know more of what you can dig up about this.

  7. Harris 11:41, Mar 30th, 10

    That picture with Jinnah and Gandhi laughing together is remarkable.

  8. niharika 12:40, Mar 30th, 10

    Thanks for all the comments you guys :)

    First off, about the background of the conflict, the course the media campaign has taken so far and the perceptions and notions each country has of the other, that was the introduction I meant to put up last week, but due to various tech-related issues I lost the slideshare presentation I had created, etc… so will be trying to get that up tomorrow sometime and that way everyone can get caught up (Sorry!!)

    I wish I could find a translation of the song lyrics, which I had originally wanted to use as subtitles in the video. The song conveys through Urdu/Hindi lyrics the similarities the countries share, how all people want to do is eat, play and celebrate together, and how long it has been since people who were originally from one land have come together! The chorus literally says – You are on my mind even if not in my sight and my songs call out to you when you are not here …

    @ Honieh, just uploading the slideshow which should answer your questions about the online campaigning.

    @ Harris, I found that image by chance and just had to use it !!