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When the museum gets to YOU…

The Whitney Museum tries a new approach to reach his audience.

On Tuesday the museum will be closed to the public as usual. However, this Tuesday March 23rd is going to be very special : a private guided tour of 2010 will be offered on Twitter.

Please try and have  a look to the Tour on twitter TODAY AT 2.30!

Click here to find out who you want to follow

I am all set to follow this exciting try of a virtual approach to museum and will be happy to share impressions and feedback on this attempt soon!

I will come back soon with feedbacks from twitter users, podcasts etc…

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  1. ElzbthMllr 10:12, Mar 23rd, 10

    Very interesting. Do you know if they are going to archive it? I can’t follow today at 2:30 but would like to look at it another time. I wonder if this is a service they will charge for in the future. Could have a lot of potential, including podcasts etc.

  2. Ryan 12:23, Mar 23rd, 10

    Yeah, but why would they choose twitter, if you can’t see it. How could you comment on something that you can’t see or are they going to rely on just twitter feeds???

    I’m curious to see how you would incorporate this into your travelogue of a richer media :) Good luck. Unfortunately, I’ll be heading to NYU at 2:30.

  3. Harris 13:34, Mar 23rd, 10

    Ryan I think they will post pictures – if they’re trying to explain hallways full of art in 140 characters each without any images, I’ll start to have serious doubts about the future of mankind :D

  4. mushon 22:03, Mar 25th, 10

    I think this travelog should go down to the bottom of the question what is a museum? What is it’s role? How is it contextualized in history? How can it change in this new media ecosystem? Obviously Walter Benjamin comes into mind here too. So what happens to the cabinets of wonder in the age of mechanically and socially networked reproduction?