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Mobile Advertising: Location-Based SMS

So my several attempts at trying to use SlideShare failed miserably. Here is my first log for the Travelogue #4 in series of images. Sorry about the late post guys.

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  1. nadine 00:01, Mar 24th, 10

    Hi Dan, no worries, it seems that a lot of people had technical difficulties today!
    I like that you picked up last class’ discussion topic. It is true that in Europe you get a lot of mobile advertising. I find them very annoying! However, I must admit that I’ve never received a location-based ad, and I can definitely see a tremendous marketing potential. Nevertheless, privcy impliations are an important aspect to keep in mind.
    As you work with location based text message, working with mashup maps could be an interesting medium for you. You could also look at different ad formats, and work with two-dimmensional code generators. 2D ads are very popular in Japan! Here a slideshow on leassons learned on location-based ads in Japan:
    With the rise of Google maps and its business directories, the opportunities for location-based ads are certainly growing, especially for local businesses, don’t you think?

  2. mushon 10:38, Mar 25th, 10

    Very interesting findings. Have Google been called on this patent issue? There’s a patent war going on in the mobile field right now. Some companies claim they file a patent only to protect their rights to use a certain technology and not get sued, some (Apple) actually use the patents to chill competition. This current patent issued would help situate your travelog and would probably make more information and analysis be available to you.
    I would however rethink your choice of medium. I can’t see how slides are a better choice than plain text, at least not in the way you’re using them. I’d like you to use rich media not (only) because I said so, but mainly because it’s the right choice of media to deliver your ideas and thoughts. It’s not there yet… (Nadine’s tips might be one way to go, I’m sure you can vet other options too)

  3. nadine 18:27, Mar 28th, 10

    Hi Dan! I’ve found an article for you on Mashable:
    How the Fashion Industry Uses Location-Based Marketing
    Playing Foursquare could be a way to get location-based ads!

  4. niharika 12:26, Mar 30th, 10

    Hey Dan,
    SMS Advertising is huge in India, in fact I used it a few years back while doing a major marketing campaign for the travel company I was working with and we had a decent response. There are websites and applications that help you send out mass-sms for little or very reasonable costs, thus allowing even small businesses to take advantage of a very useful marketing tool.

    The last I used a cell phone in India, it had reached levels of annoyance to be honest… which is what I worry would happen with location-based SMS in a developing economy (probably elsewhere as well) where laws and structures to curb such practices are more difficult to implement and take longer to be framed. So it could go either very well, or become annoying and creepy eventually …. So I’m wondering, is there a way to opt out of this service? Oh, And I think mashup maps are a great idea for your travelogue.

  5. nadine 15:33, Apr 25th, 10

    Interesting article:
    Web Coupons Know Lots About You, and They Tell