Hi, please

In the subway

The medium of my choice is a) the web page and b) video, but everything went wrong with it today. Thanks for your understanding, guys.

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  1. HoniehLayla 17:54, Mar 23rd, 10

    Very nice idea.

    Just a side note – not all police officers are aware that photography is allowed in the subway.

    The following link is PG 212-21- which is an order for police officers not to harrass citizens from taking photos.


    I suggest you print it and carry it if you are photographing any areas.


  2. nadine 23:24, Mar 23rd, 10

    I really like this idea! You could ask people to react to objects that other people found! Or you could launch the same action in Mexico City’s metro, and than participators of both cities could exchange thoughts and ideas.
    There are hillarious notes in Found Magazine! Why are found objects and notes such treasures? I suppose it has always been exciting to find a message-in-a-bottle, or to come across a love letter or intimate confession. Though are these post-its partly attractive because of their uniqueness (=non-digital= non-reproducible)?

  3. nadine 23:28, Mar 23rd, 10

    Does today authenticity equal uniqueness? I see a lot of parallels with Ryan’s travelogue, you should talk!

  4. Ryan 14:50, Mar 24th, 10

    I’m curious to how much investigating you are going to do to try and “find” things. Have you spoken with the people at “Found” for help on marketing your website or getting people to post to your site.

    I really dig the idea though. It made me think about my experience in the subway today and I was looking around for weird/cool stuff apart from all the trash.

    Nice touch with the flavors.me website ;) I think it looks great by the way.

  5. mushon 10:44, Mar 25th, 10

    1 on the idea and plan.
    I’m still wondering about how will you get people to post to the site? How will they know about it? Ryan mentioned the marketing issue, it’s a big one.
    I want to know more about your choice of categorization. Why? Why those? What if I can’t fit it in your categories?

  6. Jimena 10:21, Mar 28th, 10

    thanks for your comments, you guys. You all point out very important stuff.

    It turned out the webpage was not a great idea after all because it doesn’t support much interactivity– no postings or comments to the site, and the FB and Twitter services aren’t work (it’s supposed to be a temporary problem). So in the end, it is more of a window than a page. :(

    I’ve been working on the marketing issue and getting the word out, which has turned out to be THE issue. I’ve been trying to contact the folks at Found Magazine since last week with no luck yet, which is a bummer because the whole idea is to collaborate with them…

    the categorization was restrictive too. Thanks for pointing that out, Mushon

    the question is turning out to be the hardest part, though. Thanks to all for your input.