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Question the 4th travelogue and Interface!

We’re all well ahead in our third and rich travelogue, one (or two) weeks in, two more to go + Next week’s subject is Interface!

This is the “define your question” phase. I want each of you to publish a post titled with your question and using your medium of choice. I expect one or more post from you this week. For some it would be a weekly audio / video / visual / locative post, and for some just an update on your longer (video/software…) project (ask me if you feel unsure about what’s expected from you). Either way, each of you please comment 4 times this week on your friends posts.

Some important tip for video & audio podcast

  • Video / Audio Formats – iTunes (for both Mac & PC) has an option to ‘save for ipod & iphone’ (for video) & to ‘convert to MP3′ (for audio). Both of these options will make your podcasts compatible with most podcasting devices and more accessible by all of us. By the way, to subscribe to our podcast feed use this link with iTunes (or other podcast aggregation):
  • Be casual, not too casual – I think the recommendations on this site might be relevant both for screencasts, vodcasts and for podcasts. Either way, building a bullet-pointed scenario cannot be a bad idea, as it would leave you some more freedom from the tight text while keeping you on the right track. Remember, you are not making an audio-book.
  • You are beautiful – But ask yourselves, do we really need to see your faces? Maybe we do, but maybe the frame can be better used to support your content visually, screencasts are a good example for that, when they fit. If you don’t really have anything to show, maybe video is not the medium you need, maybe stick to voice only… think about it.
  • Slideshows – are visual supplementary to presentations. They are great to review after you’ve seen the presentation or if they are accompanied by audio. To use them as a standalone series of textual bullet points is an interesting experiment, but it does hold its own challenges.
  • Support your media – rich media is rich, but it can’t do everything, for example, it usually cannot link to a site. If you want us to get more informed, link to the relevant content in your posts.
  • Share your experiences – Feel free to comment on this post, or even write a whole new one if you think there are other things you’ve learned that others can enjoy from.
  • Add to the Resources page – Some of the titles there are still unpopulated, we want to document the techniques you are using so they can be shared by all. Please edit the page.

Required reading / viewing / assignment:

  • Are We In Control Of Our Own Decisions? TED presentation by Dan Ariely
  • The Death Of The URL by Chris Messina
  • Social networking, new governing By Andrew Rasiej & Micha L. Sifry
  • Read the summary.
  • Use ShiftSpace to post a critique of an interface. This could be anything from Wikipedia’s editing syntax, through Google Chrome’s Universal Search-bar to lobbying as an interface to democracy. (reading the paper or summery will help you better understand this assignment)
  • Post a permalink to your shift on our blog (as a comment here, or a new post) with a paragraph about your intervention.
    Here’s how you can reach the permalink to your shift:

Recommended Reading:



  • Go through the materials
  • Summarize it for us in a nicely accessible post to be published by Sunday 4pm, ideally running some threads between them.
  • Be prepared to present the article and lead the discussion in class.
  • Post to del.icio.us some links that expand the discussion either about the text or about key themes in it.


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  1. juliette b 16:41, Mar 28th, 10

    To use SchiftSpace for the first time I chose to comment on a page related to my travelogue on the Twitter Tour of Whitney Museum Biennial.
    This is the post of one of the guest of the Tour who shares her first impressions and releases some additional material.

    I have added 5 comments to her post. So far I have used the notes and the highlights (I tried to swap images but I did not obtain what I wanted)

    Here is the permalink to my comments


  2. Leslie 18:32, Mar 28th, 10

    I decided to use ShiftSpace to alter The Hype Machine (www.hypem.com). This is a website that follows music blog discussions online and then displays mp3s of the discussed songs for users to listen to. Users can then make a playlist of their favorite songs (as well as visit the blog where the song/artist was discussed).

    In accordance to the readings for this week, through HypeM’s interface, the website very much promotes the most “popular” songs at any given point of time. It can be hard to find artists/songs that are less popular, unless you scroll through the “latest songs overview” section on their main page. So, my shifts were made to remind people to search for songs/artists that are less popular, and to remind users that there are other websites where you can search for artists, as well.

    I made 7 shifts, but could only get a permalink to work for 1 of the shifts. If you go into the shifts section on http://www.hypem.com, you’ll be able to find my other shifts. I added in 3 notes about how to use the site, as well as other sites to check out, 2 SourceShifts that lists links to other music websites, and 1 image swap.

    Here’s the permalink to one of my notes:


  3. ElzbthMllr 11:57, Mar 29th, 10

    To use ShiftSpace for the first time, I chose to alter my Twitter account. Although I really like Twitter for certain purposes, the site overall could greatly be improved if I had my way. It’s interesting because I came up with a lot of comments and or things that I would change, yet I still use Twitter anyway regardless because I’m so used to the site, it seems to be working “well enough” for me, I’m use to having no power over changing the structure or interface of it at all, and it’s free. Using ShiftSpace made 3 notes on the homepage and 2 notes on the followers page.

    Here is the link to the first 3 notes. Like Leslie, only the first one shows up, but if you go into the shifts section on twitter.com, you will see my top 3 shifts.

    The second page that has shifts on it appears here: http://www.shiftspace.org/api/sandbox/?id=f4ff. Again in order to make any sense of this you will have to be logged into Twitter. My Twitter profile is public so you should be able to see it. Let me know if anyone has any problems. There are 2 shifts on this page.


    Note: you may have to log in to Twitter for this to appear right, otherwise it may just take you to the homepage and the notes will not appear on the right images/words, etc. Thanks.

  4. Alexandra 22:00, Mar 29th, 10

    I tried to leave shifts on our class blog, but when I click save on my sticky note it just says transferring data from counters.giya.com and the toolbar across the bottom says 0 shifts. am i doing something wrong?

  5. Harris 05:58, Mar 30th, 10

    Amateurish comments on the main page of our class blog:

    The log-in button:

    The side-bar to blog posts:

    The list of authors:

    The link on top:

  6. Harris 05:59, Mar 30th, 10


  7. Harris 06:00, Mar 30th, 10

    Amateurish comments on the interface (main page) of our class blog:

    The log-in button:

    The side-bar to blog posts:

  8. Harris 06:00, Mar 30th, 10
  9. nadine 09:42, Mar 30th, 10

    This is really cool! I am still experimenting…I first commented on Harris’ remark http://www.shiftspace.org/api/sandbox/?id=3377
    Then I commented on the ITP ShiftSpace presentation page http://www.shiftspace.org/api/sandbox/?id=3377

    As the shifts can be/ are public, I’d love to have a spell check feature. Would that be possible?

  10. nadine 10:15, Mar 30th, 10

    Wow, I’ve just discovered the Yeas-and-nays feature! This is really interesting. Mushon, please tell us more about it! How has it been used? How many calls have been done?
    Please correct me if I get it wrong, but I think that only Shift Space members can see notes or changes, don’t they? I understand that I can share a note by sending the URL. However, can somebody see a note without having ShiftSpace installed?

  11. HoniehLayla 13:16, Mar 30th, 10

    I am in the experimental stages of this – But I would like to definitely learn more. So far I have left notes, highlights and attempted to swap images.

    I would like to know more about the private/public settings on this.

    I chose to cruise around the shift space site for a second, and then went ahead and played with my twitter account. I was more concerned that I would do something that could be more damaging legally, so I played it safe.

    Here are my permalinks: