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Museums to Go 2 options…

For the 4th travelogue I would love to work on two new phenomena that I recently observed regarding the impact of Digital Media on Museums. Here are my 2 options

1# By using new media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, iPhone applications and so on, museums can now provide their audience with a new experience of Art without necessarily having to be present at the museum. Their websites offers a very dense content: pictures, videos, audio guided tours, artists and curators interviews… that are not only completing the actual show but are also very interesting in themselves. Recently some museums are trying new experiment: next Tuesday for the first time the Whitney Museum in New York is organizing the first online Twitter Tour. I will try to know how it is promoted, how it is organized and how it went. I could do a summary on SlideShares and create some other kind of content like podcasts and pictures. I would like to compare this new experience of museums with the traditional one…

2#Museums’ audience is carrying new electronic device that have implemented a new relation to the Art displayed. Visitors can now record films or take pictures and share them. They are relays of the work of art. But, by doing that, people also produce content for themselves… Look at what has just happened in Marina Abramovic current show “The artist is present” where the artist Amir Baradaran has created his own work of art out of the show. This raises not only copyrights issues for museums but also a new kind of competition…

Let me know what you think!

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  1. Harris 18:41, Mar 20th, 10

    I wish you could do both! How does the Twitter tour work? Do you get a read-only virtual tour or can you actually walk through the things they mention carrying a device?
    I think this blog post that I really like might help you with what questions you should ask:

    Museums 2.0: An Open Letter to Museums on Twitter

  2. nadine 07:54, Mar 22nd, 10

    Yes, do both! You can evaluate the Twitter tour for your first post, then work on the other part for the rest of your travelogue. I will definitely follow the virtual tour tomorrow!
    As Jimena has already explored several communication and outreach initiatives by museums, it would be interesting to explore the perspective of the museum visitor. Does his relationship with the art change? How do museums and artists react to recycled amateur content?

  3. Juliette 20:10, Mar 22nd, 10

    @ Harris thanks for the link it will be really useful to analyze the Whitney museum’s experiment. I have learned a lot on people’s expectations

    @ Nadine. Glad that you like the subject! I actually plan on following the tour on twitter and to go to the show next week to be able to compare the 2 different kind of experiences….To be continued

  4. Alexandra 09:58, Mar 23rd, 10

    I love the Marina Abromovic idea. I actually read about that in the New Yorker the other week, and they had a good podcast about it also: http://www.newyorker.com/online/2010/03/08/100308on_audio_thurman