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Travelogue Ideas… Rough.. rough.. draft.

Hi Class,

I have been struggling a bit on finding some ideas – so this post will most likely be a work in progress.

A topic that I have been curious about is the mobile donations being made for Haiti/Chile and across the world. Who, what and How are these mobile companies engaging in this type of market. Are they making a profit? How does KGB work?

My other thought was to follow up on Haiti and Chile. It seems as though these stories hit the news then Net. After a few week’s time then tend to fade away and no one follows up or cares to pay attention.

I would like to dive into the world of blogging and see who is out there still reporting.

These are preliminary thoughts. Any comments/criticisms are completely welcome.

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  1. ElzbthMllr 17:07, Mar 19th, 10

    H – I think the mobile donations are pretty interesting, check out this blog post which details some of the basics http://mobileactive.org/mobile-fundraising. You can research the rapid growth of this kind of fundraising (when was it first raised, how much has been raised, who is doing it, what scams are out there), how much has been raised. There is a lot of research out there you can investigate!

  2. juliette b 15:47, Mar 20th, 10

    I am very interested in your second topic. And indeed, we often notice that disasters like in Haiti do the headlines for a very short period of time comparing to the long run issues they have caused.

    However, I recommend that you work on your first idea. It might be a little more precise and easier to dive into… and it is still very interesting. It reminds me of HTML
    Intel CSR activities in Vietnam where they send teams to give Internet access and computers to remote villages. it was both a good Corporate Social Responsibility initiative but also a great business opportunity for the company.