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“Sony Readying PSP Phone, iPad Killer?” -IGN

Last week, when I first started researching the portable gaming environment, one of the first places I started digging for information was at www.latestpatents.com, a site that lists out the latest patents of leading technology companies. While looking up Sony, I noticed that their list of patents from February 18th seemed to be dealing with a new phone. This, I did not think much of. What I did find particularly interesting, though, was a patent they had for a, “universal game console controller.” I thought that maybe they were making some sort of physical controller that could be used to play games on phones? But, in the end, thought that we wouldn’t be hearing too much information on these patents any time soon.

Today, while searching on IGN, it seems that I might have been mistaken. The gaming site posted an article stating that Sony might possibly be putting out a phone and tablet to rival the Apple iPhone and iPad. Furthermore, there is said to be a special Sony Online Service that is to be launched by the end of March. Could this be their version of the Apple App Store, but instead to be full of traditional games?

Here’s the Wall Street Journal article with more detailed information.

This will definitely be a telling story to watch unravel, and I’m interested to see if the device will match the patents listed on LatestPatents.com!

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  1. ElzbthMllr 14:54, Mar 5th, 10

    OK so my brother in law is a patent officer in DC for the government and always is in the know because he works in the wireless technology department. I tried to get some information out of him (this is exactly his department) and he refused to answer anything about Sony – rats. I was trying to get good intel for you! I think it’d be very interesting if Sony put out a rival, I’m all for competition and think that if there could be something out there that rivals the upcoming iPad, that would be awesome.

  2. HoniehLayla 15:56, Mar 5th, 10


    Intriguing. What concerns me is that there is still no sort of “iPhone” killer, so in retrospect, how would there be an “iPad” killer when it hasn’t even hit the market. I would like to see how events coming will affect this story. The iPad is lined up for the American market on April 3rd, I wonder how Sony plans to counter attack. They make remarkable phones with Ericsson.

    Here is the article for the latest iPad release via CNN.

  3. Ryan 15:56, Mar 5th, 10

    What’s interesting is this war on patents and copyrights and how Apple is trying to monopolize their power, ingenuity, and the markets. This ownership debate touches on a lot of what we’ve been discussing regarding ownership, distribution, and open source. Additionally, this also makes me think of another class that Elizabeth and Nadine have together about Media Policy and how there is this stifling hold on different telecommunication devices. I’m very curious to see how this will affect the gaming world. I’m also not a big fan of what Apple tried to do with putting games like Street Fighter on the iPhone. Ironically, I don’t even own an iPhone so I don’t know why I’m complaining.

  4. Leslie 13:52, Mar 7th, 10

    @Elizabeth: Wow that’s awesome- must be a cool job. Thanks for trying to get some info! It stinks that he cannot reveal anything, but definitely understandable. I agree with you- the more rivals, the better. Hopefully Sony will give Apple a run for their money. It definitely has the potential to, especially since they already make phones. I know the gaming community seems pretty excited for it (I’ll talk about briefly in Monday’s travelogue).

    @Honieh: that’s a really good point that these articles are referring to the “PSPad”, as it’s too be called, as the iPad killer, before the device even comes out! I guess that shows the impact the Apple as a company has- consumers/journalists already see it as a product that will succeed.

    Thanks for the article about the iPad release- it will definitely be interesting to see how Sony handles the release of their phone/tablet. Since there’s not much time before the iPad release, I’m interested to see if Sony tries to release the phone before this summer, since that’s when Apple tends to release their updated phones.

    @Ryan: It’s definitely very interesting to watch how Apple is handling their patents. I heard they were suing HTC concerning some of Apple’s patents. http://www.apple.com/pr/library/2010/03/02patents.html There wasn’t any talk in articles I read about whether Sony’s PSP phone would be a touch screen phone or not. But, seeing that touch seems to be the trend, it wouldn’t surprise me. And, if so, will Apple be suing Sony, too? Regardless, it’s good to hear that there will be another company challenging Apple’s products. If nothing else, it should make for better future phones (and gaming systems)!

    There’s many gamers out there that would agree with you on Street Fighter being on the iPhone. A lot of people are very disappointed that the game isn’t on the DS, PSP, or Wii. Even if Street Fighter isn’t the “right” game for the iPhone from a gaming standpoint, I think it will at the very least push the spectrum of possibilities and hopefully open up the phone and gaming devices to new initiatives.