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Question – Are applications like Street View augmenting or replacing our traditional travel experiences?

I could have picked up the privacy or educational angles on my topic, however, coming from a travel and tourism background, I feel more drawn towards the tourism angle of the Google Street View software. As I started exploring the many ways in which people are using Google Maps and its Street View functions, I discovered that the application is not only being used to figure out route maps or directions from one place to another, but through the creative minds of some developers, bloggers and thinkers, Google Maps is becoming a virtual, 3D space full of images and experiences by which we can travel the world at the click of a button!

To start off, have a look at the website, Google Sightseeing, to get an idea of what I mean. Started by two brothers in Scotland, the website presents you with a new destination, or place of interest everyday, albeit from a Google perspective. The readers and the site’s editors combine Google Satellite images along with the images captured on the ground by Google cams and provide one with a brief history or background of the location.

Example – The Burj Khalifa in Dubai – The Tallest Building in the World

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  1. mushon 10:29, Mar 6th, 10

    What do you feel might make these virtual representations replace rather than augment these spaces? Moreover if we consider Google’s commercial objectives I think they are interested in inserting themselves to the lucrative information market that is already built around tourism more than to provide remote virtual experiences that starts and ends on the screen.