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Feast Rank update

I found a little bit more evidence on what goes into the Feast Rank algorithm. According to BlackBookMag.com, “Feast Rank [is] a 1-100 score generated by a wholly automated algorithm and in New York comprising 75 sources — everything from the New York Times restaurant stars to Grub Street stories to Zagat listings to Yelp and Citysearch reviews to local blog and social media chatter, all apparently updating in real-time (a handy “+” or “-” indicating recent point shifts in opinion runs across the top of the page like numbers on a stock ticker, so it seems real official-like).”

Moreover, some people in the foodie community are not convinced that the algorithm is enough to get people interested and using the site: “The problem is,” says [Tom Ajello, creative director of Poke,] “The Feast Rank feature is buried, impossible to decipher once you find it, and not iconically or creatively represented in a way that will engage people.”

And then there’s Jonathan Gold, the former New York critic for Gourmet magazine:  “Real-time samplings of a thousand half-formed opinions are useful to political pollsters, but not necessarily to somebody trying to figure out whether it’s going to be Motorino or Maialino after the show. It’s hard to see why it would be any more reliable than Yelp or Citysearch, which to me are most useful when it, because you can follow specific commenters, functions most like a regular review.”

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