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“Delivered in Beta”: a documentary on open design & innovation.

On this and last week’s topics, I wanted to share this documentary that talks about open design and innovation. It was created in Berlin during Social Media Week, which took place Feb 1-5  simultaneously in Berlin, London, Sao Paolo, Toronto, San Francisco and New York.  In the video, a bunch of designers share their thoughs on open design and Beta prototypes. Interesting because ideas and authorship in graphic and industrial disign, as well as art, tend to be touchy subjects…

“I think what excites me most is being able to access everything and change everything… the ultimate form of collaboration. It means I can collaborate without necessarily having to agree with people”. -Jay Cousins

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  1. nadine 02:28, Feb 22nd, 10

    Great video Jimena, thanks a lot! Along with Weber’s article, it really helps to clarify what open source is and what it is not. Tracy brings up a crucial point: creative people and open source designers are VERY attached to their ideas and feel strong ownership of what they do. The game has very strict rules. Nevertheless, ass the focus is on distribution and not on ownership, the political economy changes. I don’t think that it is solidarity that drives the system, as Benkler overenthusiastically states (although it can increase motivation). It simply seems more adapted to the rhythm of technological innovation, and to the ideal that people have nowadays about work.

  2. mushon 11:23, Feb 23rd, 10

    Sorry for being slightly predictable with my reference but Google’s excuse that Buzz was delivered in beta was a total cop-out..
    Release soon, release often is very important but it should be balanced with responsibility. Here’s a smart post that refers to this issue: