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Help Wanted: Travelogue 3

Here are some topics that interest me, but I need some help deciding which would be the most interesting to research and report about:

  1. NBC’s Olympic Twitter Tracker allows Twitter users to keep up with the immense overload and traffic of information that appear on Twitter about the Olympics.  NBC and Stamen Design have teamed up to provide a solution to this dilemma by creating a visual Twitter Log enabling people to sort through picturesque tweets.  This seems like it could take twitter into an amazing new direction of user navigation.  YouTube Preview Image
  2. Google’s Living Stories experiment was considered a success.  It has recently become open source, thus enlarging its availability  to news agencies across the world.  ”Complete coverage of an on-going story is gathered together and prioritized on one URL. You can now quickly navigate between news articles, opinion pieces and features without long waits for pages to load.” Or Google’s Fast Flip aimed at visually sorting various news articles according to different features such as most viewed, recommended, etc.  I would be interested in finding out about how people are reading their online news stories with the help of one of these programs.
  3. School Webcam Spying story of a student laptop being used by the school’s administration to spy on him.  The student’s parents are suing the school.  This story highlights the growing concern of privacy with computers and even the internet.  In this particular case, the school decided to hand out laptops to students.  However, there came with it a catch for using it.  What are we continuing to see with spyware and computer/internet privacy?  How does this individual case relate to and contribute to the general environment of internet security?

Open to suggestions… THANKS

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  1. mushon 17:40, Feb 20th, 10

    I vote for Living Stories. It’s a project that has intreeged me for a while and I’d love to know more about it. I am also surprised (+happy) to find out it was released as open source code on Wednesday. The success of LS depends on newspapers adoption and contribution from coders. This is something you can report about in real time. This is important.

    Moreover, it uses Google App Engine, which means it has to be hooked into Google’s proprietary technology. I wonder, what makes you say the experiment was a success? There is a chance they open sourced it because they decided to stop investing resources in it and preferred to have someone else do the job. Especially if they will have to run through Google servers anyway.

    Very interesting…

  2. Juliette 19:58, Feb 20th, 10


    As much as I love watching the Olympic games these days, I really think Google needs a little hand to restore its image really tarnished by their “Buzz putsch”!
    Also,as you mentioned “news agency” I would be very interested in learning more on their profesionnal insight on this service provided by google. And also what’s the use that they make of it…

    Go for it!

  3. Leslie 12:29, Feb 21st, 10

    Hey Ryan: I agree with Mushon and Juliette- the Living Stories sounds like a very interesting topic to me, with lots to look into and learn from. I’d also enjoy hearing more about the school webcam story though- I didn’t hear about that until reading your post. That’s insane! I can imagine the uproar that produced from parents…

  4. ElzbthMllr 17:47, Feb 21st, 10

    Go for the Living Stories. I don’t know much about it and think it’s interesting. Would love to know more!

  5. Alexandra 18:02, Feb 21st, 10

    I would vote Olympics. I always think data visualization is cool, and it’s definitely a current event with a TON of coverage. We have talked a lot about Google (I guess this can also be an asset to you though) and I would be interested to hear about something new!