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Ideas for Travelogue 3: Kevin Smith or Portable Gaming’s Future?

Hey everyone! I have 2 ideas I’ve been contemplating for the next travelogue, and wanted to get your opinion. The first has to do with Kevin Smith and Southwest Airlines. The second, with portable gaming. More info below:

1) Kevin Smith vs. Southwest Airlines

This past weekend, film director/writer Kevin Smith was allegedly kicked off of a Southwest Airlines flight for being too heavy. Since then, there has been a heated back-and-forth between Smith and Southwest on the Internet, being carried out on Twitter, in blogs, and on various websites. Especially with Kevin’s film Cop Out hitting theaters next week, and his interest in possibly crowdsourcing his horror genre debut film Red State, I thought it would be interesting to see how this further plays out over the next few weeks. Check out this NY Magazine article for more information.

2) The future of portable gaming

Just a few days ago, Capcom, a major game developer for traditional game consoles, revealed a visually stunning version of the hit game Street Fighter IV for the iPhone that will be available in the App Store in March. This game is created to the standard that has been present on traditional portable game consoles, as opposed what has been frequently seen up until this point on cell phones (casual, low-budget games). With this introduction, I’d be interested to see how other 3rd party game companies respond over the next few weeks, and whether or not others reveal their own plans to develop full-fledged games for iPhones, rather than exclusively for Nintendo and Sony portables. Check out this article for more info about Street Fighter IV hitting the iPhone.

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  1. HoniehLayla 17:25, Feb 18th, 10

    I think it will be a matter of cost for the consumer, and cost for the 3rd party developers.

    I wonder how many of us play games on our smart phones.

    This idea is pretty cool, because it can open up more doors for the gaming industry aside from WII, XBOX, and other gaming consoles.

  2. Jimena 14:00, Feb 19th, 10

    Hi, Leslie
    I think both topics are interesting, but I think that portable gaming offers more terrain. I’m worried that the Kevin Smith issue could die soon, or at least get distracted into his new movie and therefore lose hype…

    I would go for the gaming topic. I don’t know if you’re very active in gaming, but maybe you could join a gaming community or attend a convention to give it a larger dimension off-line, see how the gaming community is hyped by the new (or not) and their reactions…

    good luck! :)

  3. nadine 14:04, Feb 19th, 10

    Portable gaming sounds interesting- you could analyze how the competition is reacting, and at the same time dip into the gaming community (ask fans how they like the new option, ect).

  4. mushon 09:26, Feb 20th, 10

    Making this available on the iPhone/iPod/iPad also mean. Going through the Apple bottleneck and opaque approval process. This might means trouble for game publishers. Are they concerned about that? What is your proposed investigative strategy for these options?

  5. Ryan 14:53, Feb 20th, 10

    Portable gaming sounds better than the smith vs. southwest airlines. The gaming industry is soooo huge and its fan following is amazing, not to mention what new games the industry comes up with.

  6. Leslie 10:03, Feb 22nd, 10

    Hey everyone- thanks for the comments! Portable gaming, it is! I have more on my investigative strategy in my post, which will be up soon.

    @Honieh- I’m interested to see what the cost will be to the consumers for this, as well. There’s no talk of the cost of Street Fighter IV yet. But, I’d imagine it should be significantly less than going out and buying the actual disc, since no cost will be involved for Capcom in creating the physical game. I would think that having the game as an “app” should be cost effective for both the company and the consumer, but we’ll have to wait and see!

    @Jimena- I don’t know much at all about the portable gaming industry, in particular. I’ve never owned a handheld gaming unit, but have played around with them. So Attending a convention would be very cool & informative and was a great suggestion. I looked into this, and unfortunately there’s nothing going on over the next few weeks in NYC :-( . The NYC Comic Con usually happens in March, which I’m sure would have given me some insight. For some reason, though, this year, it was randomly moved back to October! Very disappointing!

    @Nadine- That’s definitely what I’m hoping to do! There are a lot of angles that can be taken on this subject, so it will be interesting to see where I end up.

    @Mushon- in reference to the gaming publishers being concerned about making their games available through Apple, do you think big name companies, like Capcom, will have trouble with this? Maybe since both companies are so well-known, they might have done some sort of special side contract? I feel like Apple might almost be actively seeking for a big name like Capcom to be in line with them- this might make Apple as a portable gaming system more legitimate in the eyes of the consumers. I definitely see big names like Capcom and EA Sports stepping in to take part in the iPhone as a problem for those indie developers, though. I’m sure this will mean trouble in sales for these smaller developers.

    @Ryan- It is quite a huge, and very dedicated community. Because of this, I’m also interested to see how accepting people are of Apple as a new means of portable gaming. I feel like a lot of people within the community tend to be very brand loyal, either to Nintendo or Sony (Playstation). So, it will be interesting to see if this breaks at all.