Hi, please

Few ideas for next Travelogue

Hi All,

So I have been doing some research and I have a few ideas – please chime in and let me know if these are worthy of exploration:

1. Second Life – virtual world – I would join and be active in this community. (actually not a fan of  this place after seeing the  MTV documentary) I’ve heard from a few people that it’s making a come back and a lot of people are using it in the business world to meet up, and some companies have used it as a marketing tool.

2. Please Rob Me – lists all the homes that are empty out there (so i would update my twitter saying im not home)… I don’t know much about this site quite yet or what direction I could go from it – but its starting to blow up on a lot of online articles.

3. Boycotting Assassin 2 – It’s a game that is becoming very popular but apparently when you lose your internet connection – you lose the game and all the save points.

4. Comment Trolling – insulting people on facebook.. eek not so good. I couldn’t access this link at work – so you guys let me know.

5. Scamming the Scammers – Find one of these Nigerian con artists that emails me and flip the scam on him by engaging in emails and making me him do funny things :)

6.  Class suggestions..

If you any of you have ideas please let me know – I’m struggling to find an interesting topic. I’ll post more ideas as I find them.


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  1. ElzbthMllr 14:11, Feb 18th, 10

    So funny about Please Rob Me, I linked to it yesterday on Delicious. The first time I heard of it was this week. I think it could be interesting when you start to examine the perils of social media. I also like the Second Life idea…I’ve never been into those MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) and have thought about making myself do one for awhile just to see what it’s all about…In another digital media class I took last semester that focused a lot on cyberspace issues we had to read a book by Jullian Dibbel called “Play Money” and I was absolutely fascinated by it. Here’s a link to his site: http://www.juliandibbell.com/

  2. Alexandra 15:45, Feb 18th, 10

    I’ve been hearing about Please Rob Me too. I wonder whether anyone is actually now trying to rob people who are tweeting or otherwise disclosing their locations? Another blog I read pointed out though that you know, while we’re at work (or school) during the day we are also out of the house. http://www.commansentence.com/pleaserobme-plea-to-reevaluate-tweets/ So I’m not sure whether this is creating anything other than talk – but it would be interesting to learn more.

  3. Leslie 16:18, Feb 18th, 10

    I definitely say Please Rob Me! I was just reading about it this morning, and was thinking what a great idea it is! Hopefully the website will help to educate people in a humerus way. I guess you cant go around actually robbing people to figure out if it works or not, though…

  4. nadine 12:48, Feb 19th, 10

    Honieh, great choices!!! I would vote for Second Life, or Scamming the Scammers- I think they would be excellent cases for “inside reporting,” you could bring in very different sources and aspects that we haven’t discussed yet in class:
    1) I’ve never played Second Life, but it sounds really fascinating! Although I think it would be difficult to build up a whole new personality within two weeks. Fascinating!
    2) Scamming the Scammers sounds incredible, I like that is a subculture movement, I am sure that there isn’t a lot of academic investigation into that subject- go for it!

  5. nadine 13:45, Feb 19th, 10

    For those who think Second Life isn’t real…Have a look at this great article by Julian Dibbel: A Rape in Cyberspace. How an Evil Clown, a Haitian Trickster Spirit, Two Wizards, and a Cast of Dozens Turned a Database Into a Society

  6. Jimena 13:54, Feb 19th, 10

    I definitely vote for Second Life. The love for alter egos and being someone else for a while is old as life, but I think the Internet takes the possibility to a whole other level.
    I would love to learn more about the aesthetics– both in the designs of the avatar & the landscape.
    Can one choose to be anything but perfect-looking? a bit (or a lot) overweight? wrinkled and aging? I’ve never seen an ugly, old avatar… always young and fit. What is SL’s idea of ethnical & racial diversity? How do they choose their visual cannons, the spacial structure, etc?

    I think going into 2nd Life would be interesting & fun!

  7. HoniehLayla 16:11, Feb 19th, 10

    I appreciate all your input girls! :)

    I am definitely torn in my decision.

    The second-life option might possess more substance and be worthy of reporting.

    I also thought of maybe joining the TEA PARTY movement online and seeing where that could take me.


  8. mushon 09:43, Feb 20th, 10

    You have some good ideas there. I won’t comment about those I’m not into, but I LOVE the idea of you joining the tea party guys… There sure is a lot to learn there. The second choice for me would be Please Rob Me, the third will be Scamming the Scammers (NPRs This American Life had an hour long special on that around one years ago . Worth checking anyway.

  9. Ryan 14:58, Feb 20th, 10

    The Second Life topic seems really interesting. My only concern would be that you get hooked and spend more and more time devoted to your alter life! Although, the Please Rob Me sounds great too. Good luck deciding.

  10. ElzbthMllr 14:40, Feb 22nd, 10

    @Mushon. I’m curious why you aren’t into the Second Life idea. It seems that was an issue that interested several people who commented…