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Channeled my anger at Google Buzz into a post: #buzzoff

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On February 9th Google have unvailed Google Buzz, a service that involuntarily transforms every Gmail user’s private contact list into a public social network. While Google has suffered from privacy concerns in the past, Buzz is considered by many angry users to be crossing a line. Many loyal Google users including myself have hence chosen to disable the service. I present a list of reasons why you and your contact list should do that too.

Read on (and feel free to comment) here: #BuzzOff: 10 reasons to turn Google Buzz off

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  1. Alexandra 16:35, Feb 17th, 10

    I hope you are now feeling better! Your post was great, and I will try and spread the word. As of now I still don’t have the Buzz tab under my settings…

  2. ElzbthMllr 16:52, Feb 17th, 10

    This is a great post. And now I can point a good post that is way more comprehensive than my ramblings on why I dislike Buzz.

  3. mushon 18:34, Feb 17th, 10

    I am feeling better…
    I saw the Buzz tab on one of my two Gmail accounts. Luckily I use neither of these as my main email box.

    The post turned out a bit long, and I did leave some stuff out, I hope the list and titles would help people scan through it and decide whether they want to read on.

  4. Leslie 23:21, Feb 17th, 10

    Great post! I tweeted it for you- hope that helps round up some followers in the cause for you!

    I also just noticed on the “wealth of networks” video for this week, that there’s an option to post it to Google Buzz. I can’t believe how quickly this whole thing is taking hold…

  5. ElzbthMllr 12:26, Feb 18th, 10

    @mushon Curious, what did you leave out?

  6. mushon 14:06, Feb 18th, 10

    Thanks for the RTs

    One notion I left out is (something I don’t like about Facebook either) that these services tend to fork the discussion out of their original context. It sometimes makes sense to have these discussions in other contexts but I think Twitter does a fairly good job of keeping only discovery based discussion in Twitter and extensive substantial discussions in their original contexts.

  7. Leslie 14:39, Feb 22nd, 10

    Did you guys see Comedy.com’s parody on the Google Buzz backlash? Pretty funny! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGwYrZLvvJU