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Mini Poll

Hi All – I decided to post a Mini Poll if you don’t mind answering it.. I figure since we are all pretty educated on SNSes.. This group would be a good sampling to test on.. :) Also, if you don’t mind in your comments explaining why you chose that answer… and also, if you can think of a better answer..

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  1. ElzbthMllr 15:22, Feb 15th, 10


    I’ve never had a MySpace account so I can’t really comment. One thing you may want to add in your poll. I’ve never had an account BUT occasionally I will check out bands that people say I might like by going to their pages. But I don’t have to have my own account to do that.

    Good luck with the rest of the research!

  2. HoniehLayla 16:21, Feb 15th, 10

    Funny you mentioned the bands..

    I used to use MySpace to listen to new music from my favorite artist – I still do this, so I can categorize myself as a MySpacer Stalker – not necessarily a user.

  3. Juliette 18:49, Feb 15th, 10

    Honieh, I would have been happy to participate to your poll (I love that kind of survey!) but I don’t have a My Space account :-(

    However what I know is that My Space has never been a huge thing in France (people that had an account were mostly musicians). It has never reached the rates achieved by FB…

  4. Leslie 14:59, Feb 16th, 10

    Every so often, I am reminded that I have a MySpace page still, and I think to myself “I should just delete that.” But, I always ended up reasoning to not delete it, as every once in a while, I’ll go back to check out a music artist. That makes it worthwhile enough for me to keep it. Although, I have not checked my messages/friend requests in a very long time and fear it’s full of spam.