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Lie Another Day

“Must you touch everything?” a scared Q asked James Bond in the movie Die Another Day. And that is the question I have been asking myself. The scope of my research unfolded itself during these two weeks, and became very wide in a way that it has been hard for me to pin it down. I see I have missed the deadline in being so scattered, but I do think I come out of all this with some important realizations. The concluding post follows later tonight. Here are a few things that delayed it:

Google Ads

In the context of the discussions we have had concerning trust, Google, advertising and privacy, I thought over this weekend that it will also be appropriate to test our trust in the web in the context of Google Ads. How easy is it to lure people to give in confidential information in exchange for a reward. How many of us read the terms of this deal? I made  sure the terms are spelled out in large font and not more than a few lines. In fact I almost said they won’t get anything and I’m only collecting information about them.

Signing up with Google Adwords, waiting for my initial payment to clear and getting my ad reviewed took way longer than I expected.


Bloggers seem, so far in my research, to be the people who are most concerned about the trust that their audiences have in them. I was not able to convince a single blogger to lie for me even until as early as this morning, and that has been an eye-opener. Mushon predicted correctly that this will be a very hard “A lie bares a high price from the lier’s social capital and credibility,” he said. “If you’re nobody you can lie as much as you want, who cares… If you’re somebody lying will impact your social position. This is the ABC of reputation systems. Otherwise I think the social web would have not been half as important as it is.”


This part has nothing to do with the research. I just realized that despite paying a substantial sum of money for a 15mbit/1mb internet, I cannot upload a video on YouTube (and that is independent of what computer I use). Making all my videos on the same day and taking them to someone else to upload them was not feasible in terms of time, so I gave this medium up.

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