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Gawker Stalker map conclusion

So.   I have been digging and I will share with the class what I’ve found.  Thanks to archive.org, a site that basically archives the entire internet and lets you search in the “wayback” machine, I now know that the map was online from April 11, 2006 through July 31, 2008.

The Wayback Machine shows you archives of web pages.

Harris also told me that he asked someone he knows who works at Gawker about the map, and they flatly denied any existence of the map at all.  Hah!  I was also able to see what gawker.com/stalker USED to look like.  (These days it redirects to gawker.com/tag/stalker):

Please note that this image is from archive.org and the small image of the map and the red text was added by me in Photoshop.

As I mentioned in a previous post, George Clooney had a well publicized campaign against Gawker by encouraging people to post fake sightings and flooding their system.  Although I can’t find anything that specifically states where the map went, I would bet that legal action was taken against Gawker.  Clooney and other celebs clearly felt that it was an invasion of their privacy to have their locations broadcast against their own will.

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  1. ElzbthMllr 19:50, Feb 12th, 10

    I’ve never heard of archive.org and just spent like 30 minutes looking up websites, including my Foundation’s old webpages. What a crazy and pretty useful sight!

    Although I think it’s a good thing that the map was removed, I’m a little skeptical of celebrities demanding so much privacy. They are public figures and clearly are going to have to deal with a higher level of scrutiny. I don’t think the map was a good idea, I think anything that involves the potential of cyber-stalking is very dangerous. But I also wonder what celebrities were against it that now tweet their every move, or other celebrities who call papparazzi and tell them where they’re going to be and when.

    I wonder if there’s any relation between this kind of activity and the anti-paparazzi law that was signed last year in California. http://www.cnn.com/2009/CRIME/10/14/paparazzi.law/index.html The law seems pretty fuzzy from a superficial glance at it.

  2. mushon 11:57, Feb 13th, 10

    nice investigative work. I think the points raised by Elizabeth are definitely good pointers.

    I’m surprised you never heard of the Wayback Machine, I loved your slippage there: “useful sight”.

    You said:

    I don’t think the map was a good idea, I think anything that involves the potential of cyber-stalking is very dangerous.

    You basically described the Internet there. Yes, I think the Stalker map is distasteful, but I just wanted to clear the language of separating intent from potential.

  3. ElzbthMllr 13:00, Feb 13th, 10

    Oops about the slippage! And yes while that does describes the internet, I think it reflects a lot of my own ambivalence about some of the things that materialize as a result. In some ways I see the internet as so democratic, and fundamental to rights in the 21st century. But in other ways I see it as dangerous and even oppressive. I feel like it’s difficult to criticize the internet though without sounding elitist…but I think it’s OK not to be so celebratory about it all the time. But your point is taken about intent/potential.

  4. HoniehLayla 16:19, Feb 15th, 10

    Interesting site. I had never heard of archive.org. I supposed everything is logged and archived on the web some how! I am really glad you found the map, proof that such a thing did exist. I find the idea to be a bit off color, but then again we all indulge into the lives of celebrities every now and then,

    ie. Perez Hilton.

  5. Leslie 10:09, Feb 16th, 10

    That’s so weird. As you mentioned, it sounds like some sort of legal action could have been taken against Gawker. If this is the case, though, I cannot believe how well it was covered up. To not be able to find any sort of news article online seems quite odd, especially since we expect the Internet to be a place were we can easily investigate topics and find information. I wonder what happened that was so bad to warrant a cover up like this??

  6. DanJee 16:39, Feb 16th, 10

    Interesting thing about the fake Gawker sighting. It might related very well to Harris’s travelogue about lying. Interesting to know that the Stalker Map was very short lived and denied of its existence.