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How others see your Facebook Profile

Hi class,

This is not a required post, but a public service announcement! I know Mushon said in class this week that he was looking for how to see how your profile looks to others. I was just adjusting my settings and thought I would share in case you want to do this, too:

At the top right of the page, click Settings > Privacy Settings
Click Profile Information
Click the button on the upper right side called “Preview My Profile”
Then you can type in a friend’s name to see how your profile appears to them. This is useful if you have some people on a limited profile and you want to see what your page looks like for them.

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  1. HoniehLayla 15:42, Feb 5th, 10

    Funny you posted this. I usually do a check on my privacy settings on FB (yes I’m crazy with this), and…. I always use that “how does your profile look to others” and type random people I don’t really like. BUT… I was able to see what is “public” and I have no control over not letting people see my friends, my pages, and school.. etc.. Might as well not be “searchable” completely.


  2. Leslie 16:32, Feb 5th, 10

    I was actually trying to hide my main picture the other day from public searches, and could not figure out how to do so. Is this not possible any more?? I did recently decide to not allow public search results. I might change it to completely not searchable, as you mentioned Honieh, in the near future…